6 months in!

Last Update: February 01, 2017

Reached 6 months here at WA! Time is a flyin. I have noticed that as i get older time seems to be moving faster. A phenomenon I don't get but a reality anyway.

I have learned so much here. I thought I had an idea of what was going on but my eyes have been opened. It is great to have a community and support that is keeping up with the constant changes.

I am having some mild success with my sites and I can only see it getting better. Keep on working is the play!

I had lost all faith in making real money online until I found WA/ The members are what has made the difference for me. Being helped as well as helping others makes it all worth more.

I did get in on the Black Friday deal and I have some referrals which makes the learning experience all the better.

It is so amazing here once you kind of figure out how easy it is to find answers and questions I love being able to go back so easily and go over something in the training.

The best advice to anybody is to ask your questions. You will be surprised how many people have the same question.

My ranking was all the way to 105 at one point but has slipped a little as I work more on the sites and some other offshoots of my website enterprises. I also think my activity ranking had a lot to do with me asking questions and interacting.

I have also helped many who have been stuck on something and the feeling of success is as great when you receive a heartfelt thanks as well as when you see money profit.

So I'm all in!

Thanks everybody for making this a fun ride!


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reanna1 Premium
Congrats, Dennis!
maun5130 Premium
Hi Dennis, thank for sharing. Very inspiring for me because I just overcome the Three Month Wall.
I totally agree with you. Time really flying so fast.

Wish you all the best and much success!
elinadk Premium
kasage00 Premium
ShaneWelcher Premium
Congrats, it does seem to fly by