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It's been 2 yrs at WA and I have loved my time here and have made many great friends and I've bumped heads with those that I disagree with, lol, and am constantly learning. I started my first website in 1995 and have been involved one way or another since.Most of the time I have been building sites for brick n mortar business's.WA has expanded my knowledge not only with the teachings but what I have learened from the other members.There is a lot of opinion that runs in every community and after
February 11, 2017
So nice to open up your email and see this!One at a time is the way it goes and sure does make you feel good!I know it takes many many more and still have to hope the referral converts to premium but my personal conversion rate is 30% so I will do my best to convert my new referral!I try to communicate with my referrals right away and offer them support however I can! Beyond the canned messages!Like the mentors here say over and over. Help don't sell and I truly believe it!Onward and upward!
February 08, 2017
It just happens if you are working on your sites and engage the community. I was all the way down to 105 back in December and then slacked off in January. My rank suffered and my sites suffered! My visitor count dropped by 50% as my productivity dropped at least as much. I wasn't being lazy I just got caught up with so many things in my life that I neglected my growing revenue stream. It's nice to see that you can bring it back. In less than a week I have brought the visitor count back up halfw
February 01, 2017
Reached 6 months here at WA! Time is a flyin. I have noticed that as i get older time seems to be moving faster. A phenomenon I don't get but a reality anyway.I have learned so much here. I thought I had an idea of what was going on but my eyes have been opened. It is great to have a community and support that is keeping up with the constant changes.I am having some mild success with my sites and I can only see it getting better. Keep on working is the play!I had lost all faith in making real m
December 30, 2016
Tis the Season for lists of all kinds!! Me personally, I need a list for everything. Unfortunately I'm the guy who makes a list for the grocery store then leaves it on the counter! I now use my phone and text the list to myself! It works real good unless you leave the phone in the car! ;-)Now a lot of people will blame my forgetfulness on my age or the abuse I gave myself thru the years but this has been me ever since I can remember. At 9 years old we moved from one town to another and I had t
November 18, 2016
It amazes me how many people are unaware of the GREAT search tool here at WA. Every day I refer people to training when they ask a question on how to do something I simply copy and paste their question into the search and choose a trasining then give them the link!It is a fantastic way to surf through the training, questions and blogs. Every new member should familiarize themselves with it as it is a great asset.You can even locate members with it!I get lost sometimes seeing things that I was g
November 01, 2016
WOW what a feeling seeing the email that I had a payment from Wealthy Affiliate to my PayPal account! Total elation!Now I've been around gettin paid for 55 years. I had my first paper route when I was 8 years old. Ever since I've had some sort of business going whether I had a regular job or not I was always pursuing something of my own!Even with all those years behind me I still get a real kick out of the FIRST payment. Awesome! It's proof that if you TAKE ACTION something will happen.As it ha
October 24, 2016
I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for 60 days now and am extremely happy! I have two websites going already and have had revenue from both. and Not much but it is a start! My ranking here at WA has gone to 158 which I am real happy about because it is indicative of your participation here in the community. I have had an awful lot of help from other members and try to be there for others. It is very gratifying when another member thanks you! That is wor
September 24, 2016
After spending years bungling around the internet , not being extremely successful I finally found wealthy affiliate. In my first 30 days here I have found out many things that I was missing before . The first and foremost is the amazing support from the community! I've asked a lot of questions and always received an immediate response, amazing.I find the most challenging and time-consuming aspect is writing the content and doing the research for such. It seems that surfing others websites is
September 16, 2016
I've been moving along, my site has been up for about 21 days. My first google analytics showed me 350 unique vistors already, I've gotten 2 referrals, 1 upgraded to premium so I wanted to start building a mailing list. I have some friends that I put into the MailChimp list because I asked them if it was OK. Then I composed an email and in it I directed them to one of my posts on my site, specifically Before I know it I receive this message from