Giving Site Support Reconition

Last Update: March 12, 2018

Good morning Peeps

I had a productive weekend. I hope you all had as well!

I just to acknowledge SiteSupport today and the amazing job that are doing behind the scene. So, SiteSupport well done and please take a bow.

Today March 12th 2018 will be SiteSupport day.

Each and every one of us who send tickets to them with all our issues knows what I am speaking about.

Let me tell you about a little encounter with SiteSupport I had last night, yes last night.

Working on my site all day long importing products on my site and not being able to import the products to the page I want them to import onto. I've been at it all day try to figure it out on my own as to why it is not working for me.

Guys, at this time it is about 9 something at night and I had enough, so I reached out to Support feeling very disappointed and angry. LOL. To make matter worse when I sent support my first ticket I don't think my question was clear enough for Support to understand what I was asking them to do for me.

Their stake in the back reply were, " As support staff here we can only answer Hosting related technical issues. You can ask your site-building/ training related queries on your blog, Live chat or WA Class Room."

At this point let me ask you guys a question. What would've been your reaction and respond to their reply?????

All I am willing to say is Well, Well,Well,

So, I took the common sense approach, and re-read my question that I asked Support for help on and Peeps I could not of fully understand my own question I asked so how hell I expect Support to understand what I need their on. Again LOL

In order for me to explain what I need help on I went back onto my site and take snippet snaps of the issues I was having and sent it to Support and let me tell you they reply with an answer saying

"Hello Debbie,

This has been done as per your request. Please do verify the same at your end and let us know if you require further assistance."

Peeps, all I want to say is we don't give SiteSupport a lot of thought and recognition on what they are doing in the background to make WA and your website run smoothly. We only set out eyes on what is right in front of us and very farsighted of the rest.

To make SiteSopport job much, much easier especially if you are a newbie and not familiar with your website and website lingo you can go the extra mile and try sending attachment to your tickets so in that way you know your questions and issues will be answer and fix in a timely fashion.

So SiteSupport well done. Have a glass of bubblie on me. You have the entire day to celebrate!

Go ahead and give yourself a pat on your shoulders and take a bow!!!!!!!!!!

Please note: No drinking on the job. Leave the drinking for after work! Sorry


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ValerieJoy Premium Plus
A very nice post, Debbie. Site Support are wonderful. They are the very best web hosting support I have experienced in my many years online.
DClarke1 Premium
Yes they are ValerieJoy!

JerryMcCoy Premium
They are awesome
Memorylaneuk Premium
Lovely that you have given them recognition in this post. They have come to my aid several times and have been totally awesome.
With Grace and Gratitude
sdawson Premium
Site Support is definitely great!