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Good morning Peeps I had a productive weekend. I hope you all had as well!I just to acknowledge SiteSupport today and the amazing job that are doing behind the scene. So, SiteSupport well done and please take a bow. Today March 12th 2018 will be SiteSupport day. Each and every one of us who send tickets to them with all our issues knows what I am speaking about.Let me tell you about a little encounter with SiteSupport I had last night, yes last night.Working on my site all day long importing p
Hello Peeps I am celebrating my accomplishment on writing my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I named it wealthy Affiliate Program Review - A Great Place To Start! Sometime, when you signed you for program you only use a 1/4 or a 1/2 of the program signed up for and hardly ever utilize the full program because you get so engaged in the areas resonate with you and what you want to accomplish.I realize on writing this review I haven't expose myself or even touch on half of what Wealthy Affiliate if off
Peeps, this is a very short blog as to where I reach in my SWAG training. Well, I like to celebrate small accomplishment when I accomplish things and I've been doing just that . I stop being hard on myself with my failures, "let me rephrase that, not failures but no so good experiences" so I started giving myself a pat on the shoulders for job well done for all my little accomplishment and even if I did not accomplish what I was doing.My "no so good experiences, not failures" is making me a
Hello to all my WA Peeps and SWAGiansGood morning, Good day, Good afternoon, and good night1How is everyone doing? I hope all is well with you!Well, it is another day in my paradise and I am feeling good and will continue to feel good all the time due to I believe that all things lead to my success, happiness and wealth which will create the exact level of my financial success. So, I am still designing my websites and running into road block which it is expected and is not turning the way I
So what up Peeps! I hope everyone is progressing enormously and understanding all the great training we are getting here at WA.After my intervention, I started looking at my business in a whole new way on a whole different level .I decided to some research on a few words that will be playing a huge part in making my business successful. I also believe in "You don't know what you don't know" and this is the time I need to start knowing what I don't know and become more teachable and stop thinki
I must say, Happy Valentine to each and every one of you here at WA!Now I get that out of the way!Let me give a quick run down about my progress.I started feeling defeated the last couple of days but I know it all in my mind. Let me tell you, your mind can be very dangerous at sometime. When I started my SWA training I was all pump up and ready to go with the website I was already building. The first obstacle I encountered was I could not do the training with my fashion site and had to create
January 17, 2018
Today I felt very motivated and cash in my "Can't Do It" card. Things I keep putting off to do later I decided to attack it head on, and attack I did with any an all "I Can Do It" phase popping in my head. Most of my mini projects I set target dates for get done today ahead of time. ,So I must say some of the heavy utilities that was weighting me down and clogging my mine from my to do list is now store away in my "I Did It Bank"That was the kind of day I had.It started out being, "I Can't Do I
Well, I am excited to say that I put my site up for content feedback and I very nervous for the feedback but I will embrace the feedback as it come and make any an all of the positive changes I need to make.Now, lets talk about the big word Overwhelmed!!!I am very overwhelmed that all my emotions is running wild as I writing this blog. You see, I join WA back in Aug 2017 due to a referral form another program that I am doing with the intentions of setting WA aside until I get the time to come b
January 02, 2018
Happy New year To All My Followers And To Whom I Am Following And Also The WA Community.2017 has ended, leave behind old chapters filled with pages of worries, jealousy, anger, hatred, egos and pride.Begin the New Year by opening up a new chapter. Filled up your pages with new stories and accomplishment that will be worth reading by the end of the year on a note of happiness, humility, modesty, amity and kindness.This will be my focus point for 2018I am a very positive, motivating and happy pe
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