Day 63 Back Again

Last Update: January 14, 2014

Well I took 3 weeks off to be with family and friends. That's not to say that I was'nt busy doing stuff online just wasn't doing as much.

I started my Facebook page and gmail plus.

I still have issue with what direction I want to go because I have so many interest. I'm in no rush to pick, I want to be sure to stick with what ever I do decide to go with.

That's it for today. Gonna start strong tomorrow.

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Free2BMe Premium
Welcome back!
IslandMike Premium
Welcome back. Nothing wrong with learning and then applying later when you decide on something!
Blessings44 Premium
Welcome back and good luck David!
BIS Premium
Hi David - Glad you enjoyed your break. One word of advice - however much you think about it, you don't always manage to stick with your original idea. A lot of us have gone through a couple of ideas before we found the one that worked for us. It'd a learning curve after all. :) Beverley
DoubleTap Premium
Well then.... WELCOME BACK!!!