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January 14, 2014
Well I took 3 weeks off to be with family and friends. That's not to say that I was'nt busy doing stuff online just wasn't doing as much. I started my Facebook page and gmail plus. I still have issue with what direction I want to go because I have so many interest. I'm in no rush to pick, I want to be sure to stick with what ever I do decide to go with. That's it for today. Gonna start strong tomorrow.
December 15, 2013
Deleting Admin is another way to secure your Wordpress site. check this before you continue: Backup Wordpress To DropBox Tutorial Video by welshy Click Dashboard Click Add New User On New User put a name other than your own. Example: bigbadbear2014 add your email put your real first name on first name same on your last name add your website if you wish on your password use caps numbers or whatever you can imagine check the send password on role. scroll down and select administrator Click on add
Still working on my site and taking the lessons offered here. I like to be thorough so I'm still on lesson 4 course 1. But trust me when I tell you that I am know an expert on wordpress. Thanks guys. Places I've been yesterday: Here Beverly lists places where you can go to get images paid or free. Where to find images for your website Tutorial by BIS Here Kyle show you some of the most popular sources of "royalty free" images for your website. How to Find & Add Images to Your Website Video
December 03, 2013
Finally back to work on my site. Both the wife and kids where home this past few days so I was not allowed to get online and work. Mainly worked on the site today. I also looked at a few videos outside of WA. SSSSHHHH Don't tell anybody. Friday I Did get a chance to join in on the Live webinar which I thought was great. Ate lots and lots of turkey. Thats it for today. Thanks for Stopping by. How to Recover from Poor Results in Google Webinar by magistudios
November 29, 2013
Taking the Weekend Off.
Hello Again, Basicly been working on my site. I should have it up real soon. I made a blog about members joining, not taking advantage of Visited members blog to increase my network. Here's where I visited. It's pretty cool that Kyle and Carson are pitching to people to have us as their affiliate. You can tell they are real proud of the members here by the way they promote us. Glad to be Here. The Sign-up Process -
Hiya affiliators, Just checking in. Hmmm, you might be asking, Whats up with the title? Well I, for the life of me, do not understand why when people signing up the are not using the offer. I mean. When you sign up, You get 2 ,not 1, but 2 free wordpress website and hosting. Not only are you getting the sites free but your getting the training to put the websites up in under 30 seconds. Plus training on building a business. Oh did I forget to mention that it was FREE. If you
Hi, been working on my website of course. Carson put me straight earlier. He said to me I was trying to do too much and there's no way i could handle it. Even though I didn't agree with it, I still followed his suggestions. Now after not going down that narrow path i has heading myself too, I realize he was right all along. You have to listen to your mentors, they've tried it all. I appreciate that he took the time to talk to me. So, anyway back on track. Gotta stop taking off and staying on t
Ok Day 15. Still working on my site. Writing content and adding new pages. Was Working on a logo and banners. Having lots of fun. Gonna be a word press expert real soon. Watch out world you haven't seen nothing yet Places I visited today. Don't Use a Trademark in Your Domain Name By IveTriedThat The One Secret Google Tip To Getting Quality Content Ideas For Free! By Ithamar Five Things They Don’t Teach You About Working from Home By IveTriedThat Making Money With Email Marketing! By success19
Hi, people. Today was more or less about Wordpress and SEO study. More like sitting and watching videos on the subjects. Anyway here are a couple of places I visited I visited today. WordPress Dashboard Tutorial - Themes Video by leoemery WordPress Dashboard Tutorial - Widgets Video by leoemery WordPress Dashboard Tutorial - Custom Menus Video by leoemery Training Resources by leoemer Here's one on Adsense which I thought was interesting and i think makes perfect sense. Banned from Adsense? How
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