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Quite a few new starters ask about niches - what is the best niche to blog about. And recently I’ve spoken to a couple of folk in Glastonbury who want to start a blog – about something, they said, but I don’t know what to write about. I told both of them to blog about the things that are dear to them, something that they could talk about for hours on end and still want to say more.

I could write about making money, one said.

OK – how much money have you made.

Well, nothing. I’m broke, that’s why I want to write a blog.

So if you haven’t made any money, how can you tell others how to make money.

Ahhh …

It turned out that she actually has a tremendous amount of knowledge about crystals and crystal healing. That is her thing … that is who she is.

But who wants to know about crystals she asked.

Well, how about people like you.

Yes, but I know about crystals.

And how did you learn about them I asked.

Well, I read books and magazines and other peoples blogs

Exactly …

Let me tell you this … Just because you know something, don’t assume that everybody else will know it too, and I quoted the story of my son-in-law.

Tony is a very, very, clever software engineer. He earns a fortune, he’s worked around the world on some very lucrative contracts, he’s good and he knows it, but he’s humble with it too, and admits that he has zero practical capability.

He buys a new car every year or two. Always a BMW sports car, one of those where the engine bay takes up more than half the length of the car and it does nought to sixty in so many micro-seconds, Anyway, about 18 months ago, daughter and son-in-law paid me a visit. Over coffee and snacks he mentioned that this new car was broken and he had it booked in at the dealers one day next week.

Oh crikey Tony, you’ve only had it 7 or 8 months, what’s gone wrong I asked.

The windscreen wipers have stopped working.

How do you mean, stopped working.

The windscreen is dirty and I can’t get it clean.

I took his keys and went to investigate. A jug full of water later and his windscreen wipers were magically working again.

Wow, how did you do that.

I filled the washer bottle with water.

Wow, I never knew that.

He had never, ever, filled up his washer bottle in all the cars that he’d owned. The cars came with a topped up bottle when new, the dealership topped it up on the services and so he’d never come across an empty washer bottle before. He couldn’t believe the solution was so simple, and it saved him a lot of money by not going to the BMW dealers.

The point is … you know that, I know that, but he didn’t; so when thinking about niches, don’t always assume that everybody will know what you know, don’t assume that they don’t need to learn what you can show them, what you take for granted.

I only knew about washer bottles because I can’t afford to keep buying new cars and I’d filled them up many hundreds of times, but there are also many hundreds of people, just like Tony, who have never done it before.

So whether your niche is about fixing cars, writing poetry, history, or just making cups of tea, start by writing about what you know. Somebody, somewhere, doesn’t know what you know and they desperately want to learn about it. Be the one to show them and they will keep coming back to your website.

Blog from a position of strength.

Good luck everyone, love life and be positive


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Beautifully put, Bux.

Bottom line is "What can you talk energetically about for the next 3 hours without boring me?"

"What do you do when you are not watching the television?"

"What can you teach me?"

Making Money Online - Have you?

Pole Dancing- Do you?

Bottle Cap Collecting? - Interesting

Even Collecting Belly Button Lint! Google Lint Art Tutorials! I dare you...

Bux is right. Anything can be YOUR profitable niche. You Do You, and people will follow your originality.

Did you Google it?


You do You.
I like it Don, short and sweet and to the point.

Some days it takes me a minute to get to the point. So did you Google it?

Google to fill a washer bottle - I think not Don.
Have a super day my friend.

No Bux lol, Lint Art. I was surprised by the amount of focus on Lint Art.

As to washer fluid filling would think that there is at least 5 YouTube videos on filling the tank!

Imagine the niche, all the way up to selling car parts.

Does JC Whitney still exist?


Donald, I think you're on a different level to me. Who the heck is JC Whitney. We could do with you over here setting the questions in the Friday night pub quizzes. Talking of which, I may need to top up my alcohol level this evening.
Enjoy your Tuesday Don, its the only one we get this week.

Hahaha, your friend sounds a lot like my sister, Bux!

Back in high school, she somehow got a lot of flat tires. She never stopped to call AAA (auto club) or put on the spare tire. I doubt she even knew where to find the spare. She would drive home with the flat, wrecking the tire and the rim. Lol 😂

We still love her dearly! 😎

Frank 🤘🎸

Love it ...
My mother did that, and in her defense she said she drove quickly so that she wasn't driving on it too long. Er ... how does that help mum. Bless her.
A new week starting soon Frank, enjoy.

Hahaha, my sister used to say the same thing! What??? Lol 😂 🤣

Maybe our families share DNA. 🤔

Have a great week ahead, Bux! 😎
Frank 🎸

We all come from a common ancestor Frank.
Just think, you are related to me, now that's scary.

Haha, I’m fine with that, Bux! 😎

Good post Bux ;-)


Much appreciated Paul.
How is rebuilding a business going for you. Brexit and Covid certainly knocked the heart out of many businesses.
Finger on the pulse my friend.

Hi Bux.

As my business was selling property abroad both covid and Brexit gave it a right kicking. Covid because customers couldn't travel to view and Brexit has made the whole process for English people to buy in Europe more complex.

I hope your weekend went well.

Cheers Paul

A great story, Bux, and a wise caveat in there too!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Thank you Jeff.
A very lazy Sunday, and enjoying every minute of it.
Back in the harness tomorrow.

I have been doing the same, Bux!

Another new week coming up!


I really enjoyed this post. Excellent advice Bux, Thanks!

Appreciated, Dave. If it helps someone to get on the business ladder, then great.
Hope you are well and enjoying your retirement.

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