How to make your posts shorten to summary on your blog roll

Last Update: December 05, 2015

If your posts on your website aren't automatically shortening in your blog roll, I have 2 things for you to try.


First you need to check your settings in WordPress. On the left sidebar, go to Settings-Reading. On that page, make sure that "Summary" is chosen and not "Full Text

If this fails to work, your problem is most likely an issue with your theme.


In this case, you probably just need to add the "read more" command manually.

While writing a post in the visual editor, figure out where you want to place the break, where readers have to click to read the whole post. Right under the last line, insert the "read more" line by clicking the button in the toolbar shown in this next photo:

Your post will now have the break in it and it should now show a summary on your blog roll:

I hope this worked for you! Let me know if it did!

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SaulGold Premium
I haven't had this problem but thanks for sharing. I'm sure it will help many people.
LornaAllen Premium
Many thanks for sharing - going to give it a try...
PIOFJR Premium
The second one works for my 2014 theme. Thanks.
darajeanne Premium
Great! I'm glad it worked!
darajeanne Premium
I remember taking forever to figure it out! I'm glad I could help you!
HeatherGrace Premium
Thank you, Thank you for taking the time to put this together! This was exactly the solution I needed! You are such a huge help!