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April 24, 2016
If you read my last blog you know that I've been going through some poor mental health issues. I am happy to say now that I was able to see a psychiatrist finally, and she's switching me to Prozac. So far, so good! I'm even tweaking one of my websites and am almost ready to start writing again. The psychiatrist couldn't have come at a better time; I recently found out I'm pregnant again. This is baby #6 for me, and completely unplanned. Read on:My husband had a vasectomy after our 4th boy was b
Are you a new member here at Wealthy Affiliate? Have you been here awhile, but have a hard time measuring your work by the work of others in your niche? This post is for you. I occasionally see people writing posts or questions about their competition being too good, they feel they'll never outrank them, never have a website like theirs, etc. The thing is, though, that you can emulate and be inspired by the behavior of your competition who are doing well, but you should never measure how good Y
February 10, 2016
Month #4 - January 2016January started off pretty well, I was following my usual steady course of creating content, sharing on social media, improving my SEO and reading more training. Then something happened. I have no idea what started it, since it's really its own beast, but my depression that I've been battling for over 5 years started a downward spiral. I think I was trying to do too much at once; I'd received an email from the man who sponsored my membership here (is sponsored the right w
January 02, 2016
Month #3 - December 2015It should go without saying that December was a busy month! Distractions ran high and I did not spend as much time adding content to my site as I should have. Last month's success with my Amazon commissions was mainly due to timing. I happened to be on Amazon at midnight when they began their $35 Kindle Fire promotion, and I linked it to all of my social media presences (including my personal Facebook page) with the catchy "OMG!" title that Jimbo illustrates here: https:
December 15, 2015
I was randomly checking some of my keyword rankings, and found that I'm on page 1 on Google for one of them! Awesome! It's the first time I've noticed a 1st page ranking. Yay!
December 13, 2015
It's almost 1 am here, EST. My kids have been in bed since 8, my husband gave up at 10. I had a craft project all over my living room floor, the kitchen was a mess of groceries to put away and dishes to be done. The entire upstairs was a mine field of toys and dice and games and laundry. Everywhere I looked was another stress hurdle threatening to ruin my Monday. That's the reason I'm still up! I tidied up, putting things where they needed to go. Picked up the larger crumbs from the floor, brou
December 11, 2015
It's a great time of year to promote your website with a gift guide for your niche, especially in the last couple of shopping weeks left before Christmas! I wrote one about "Top Stocking Stuffers for Boys" and included some really fun things that people don't always think to put in a stocking. it helps that it's a good keyword as well (118, 21, 5!) Definitely a great idea for a post if you haven't used it yet! Let me know if you do!
If your posts on your website aren't automatically shortening in your blog roll, I have 2 things for you to try. #1:First you need to check your settings in WordPress. On the left sidebar, go to Settings-Reading. On that page, make sure that "Summary" is chosen and not "Full TextIf this fails to work, your problem is most likely an issue with your theme.#2:In this case, you probably just need to add the "read more" command manually. While writing a post in the visual editor, figure out where yo
December 02, 2015
Month #2 - November 2015:This month things really started clicking! I've been focusing less on my WA promo site and really going to town on my niche site. My graphic design skills are improving and all of my web presences match! I'm especially proud of my Facebook header image:My niche has transformed into something new and a little more specialized, in my opinion. I'm enjoying writing about it more than ever! My 1 premium referral is doing well! I've had many others just coming by to look, and
I want to share this source for free images that I found. Their License Agreement page has a few restrictions and a super long list of permitted use. They don't have a ton of stuff, but what they do have is pretty nice. Here it is!