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Last Update: June 05, 2013

Are All Business-In-A-Box Schemes Bad?

The answer is NO. However, this business model has been so badly abused on the Internet that it has long developed into being associated with scam and get-rich-quick schemes. These are not limited to the Internet, but are now most closely associated with Internet marketing.

I have done some thorough research into WA's history up to the time I've arrived here and the one outstanding attribute of this membership vs others is that there have never been any sort of cookie-cutter activity of any kind featured on here. This goes for everything.

From the time I tried my hand at online marketing, I've encountered many, many programs following this business model. The first time I encountered it was the now-defunct MMMI (My Money Making Ideas) website. On here, you were given a free website to promote. This site was fully self-contained and though it was in your name, you had no control over the content on it. At the time, WordPress was not popular as it stands today and was more like what Blogger is today.

Are Site Rubix and WordPress Express "Business-In-a-Box" sites?

The answer is a resounding NO!

The reason being, as has historically been the case with Wealthy Affiliate, you have full control over what you put on these sites and you also get the training in here on how to work within the back offices to these sites. All such sites, the earlier Site Rubix site-building program, feeder sites and site templates that were once available on here were all completely editable. The same is true with the present site-building programs on here.

Some people may get the misconception of these programs are cookie-cutter deals. By definition, these don't even come close to being duplicate templates. You get exactly what you would get from WordPress if you were to download and install these yourself. The only action in the algorithm of these builders is the removal of folks having to manually set these up themselves. They are merely setup programs.

What Is a Business-In-A-Box Scheme?

Business-in-a-box schemes also entail setup programs although these often remove or retard functionality that give end users limited or no control over the outcome.

These are usually a "done-for-you" website. You click your mouse and the thing unpacks and sets itself up. These were very common in the Wild Wild Web and as people noted their inefficiencies, Their popularity went on the wane.

Today, they are still with us though not as extensively so. We have folks like the Internet Income University that still follows this faltering business model. However IIU allows members to add content to the sites. What they fail to do is instruct their members outside the realm of content creation to these WordPress sites. Currently I'm seeking to find out if in fact, some of the WP back office functionality is actually stripped, disallowing members the kind of control over their sites WordPress originally allows.

Not all businesses-in-a-box schemes are terrible, though most of them are. The fault of these schemes are that of competition. The owner(s) of such schemes are usually the only ones making the money whilst the members struggle with competing with hundreds or thousands of exact, or near exact copies of the site they are trying to promote themselves.

Wealthy Affiliate Stresses Individuality

My experience with WA is that it has never employed the use of business-in-a-box techniques. Though some things have been added for short-cuts, this always comes with the education on how to do these out manually as well. These short cuts have never exploited or compromised functionality in any way. They have always been for the purpose of time-saving efforts.

Duplication is discouraged here because WA knows (and so should all its members) that doing such is a Google taboo. Only occasional quotations and very special instances of duplication is considered acceptable.

Sadly, the onslaught of carbon-copy websites seem to be on the rise again as insidious entrepreneurs act more like thieves by creating and executing such business models for the unwary. Sadly, tens of thousands of people are still being taken by these schemes.

WA members and prospective members alike never have to fear of such activity going on here at WA. It has never happened here and isn't about to start any time soon.

This blog results from a review on the above said Internet marketing program.

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Shawn Martin Premium
Good post Daniel.
Thanks Shawn :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Out of box templated sites cater to an incredible audience, the lazy and the unknowing. Most people have no idea how websites get ranked in Google or other search engines and they think just by having a site (even though it is 100% duplicate content), they have accomplished some sort of success.

This definitely makes it very easy to point them into the direction of a legitimate program that not only gives them the websites (that will rank), but the training, tools and support to help them get there.

This is an excellent, thorough post Daniel and I think you are really coming to understand how many vultures there are out there in this industry and with some work I think we can bring some sanity to the situation.
A member from IIU showed me that he had full control of his site the same way we can control ours. I was of the opinion that some of the WP functionality had been stripped (i.e.) the ability to remove the banner adverts from the sidebar on these sites.

What I'm finding out is that it's how these people are being educated. I'm going in there and digging into the education they are offering their members and see why such a vast number of these sites sit there with these banners on them the way they are.

I have been actively in conversation with this member and his is the only site I've found, so far that has been significantly changed, including the removal of the adverts. Incidentally, this IIU member also has a free membership here.

I initially thought the reason members were being told to call their support to have adverts belonging to the five affiliate programs they have on there removed. It made me assume their customers were simply prevented by doing this on their own from having certain functionality stripped from the installation. Learning this isn't true, I have one other thing to look at - what they are being taught - or not taught.

Out of about 200 sites I found in my search,

About half of them that are still active show no work having been done to them
The other half have at least one post on them added by the user.
21 of them are still indexed by the search engines but have been taken down.
1 has six posts on it - a six-part series on how to build a business
1 (the member on here) has made extensive changes, including the removal of ads.

So far, getting inside this membership isn't going to cost anything, and if it does, I will ask for a refund when I'm finished with it. They offer a no-questions-asked 60-day guarantee and seem to honor these readily.
Marcus WFHW Premium
Uniqueness is always going to win, duplication of any sort will only achieve failure in the long term.
Good post Daniel.
I'm working with an IIU member right now over this sort. Out of over 200 sites I've visited, every one of them are a carbon copy of the other. The thing of it is, these members have complete control like we do with our WP sites. Nothing is stripped as I once thought was the case. They are not being taught. Wow! What a mess over there! So many people are being given these pre-loaded sites with a wall of banners.

Instead of people being told they could remove these if they wanted to, they are told to call a technician and they will do it for them.

Sad! I've been working on this one member who has learned how to do this on his own. He fired at me for the review I wrote on IIU but we became friends and are discussing this back and forth.
Patricia R Premium
This is good. You are sounding very excited. Cheers!
Thanks Patricia :) I am excited. I am running a campaign off my main one here, to target IIU members. I am now setting this up.
kaliinozarks Premium
That's nice Daniel. I like getting a good overall view of what's going on - as well as what went on in the past. I firmly believe we study history so we don't make the same mistakes as those who went before us.

That seems to be the primary foundation here at WA. We are indeed fortunate to have found this community.

Thanks for the post.

I found a gold mine! Kyles says what I found are one of many in pockets to be found. I've just finished setting up for going down into those mines now.
kaliinozarks Premium
Yep. I like your new profile photo better than the old one. You don't look so serious. You have to enjoy life, right?
This is my old one. It's still found online and this is how I got it back. I deleted the other one. That too, I found is still available, but yeah, even though it's blurry, I like this one better. I want to find the one with my green shirt. (same shirt, just tinted.)