Websites Accomplished and Complete.What Next?

Last Update: May 26, 2017

Okay, so far I have completed the task for my websites, followed the advice fro folks on WA and also the training herein. All been very useful.

Because of the niche I have chosen, it is now time to get traffic to the sites.

I have thought of a few ways and taking action is all I need to do to get started. At least to test how that is going.

What are the best sources of free, organic traffic?

I thought of using forums and posting comments with a subtle link to one of my articles. Do any of you currently do this and is it a viable way to grab traffic?

How about Pinterest with links to articles. Is there a 'best time' to do the pins?

One other thing I will look at is Facebook ads, I have heard good things about those.

What are your traffic generating ideas that really work? Thoughts!?

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ericpierre Premium
Loes just said it: Blog, blog, blog!
Loes Premium
jvranjes Premium
To tell you frankly, I have never heard of a complete site.

The best and only source of organic and free traffic is your own content. This is why a site is never finished. Keep adding posts until you have them in thousands.
dabity Premium
True, a website is never complete, you are right, I will keep adding posts.
Next, I want to work out a way to get subscribers to my email list so I can offer 'other' related products.