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Okay, so far I have completed the task for my websites, followed the advice fro folks on WA and also the training herein. All been very useful.Because of the niche I have chosen, it is now time to get traffic to the sites.I have thought of a few ways and taking action is all I need to do to get started. At least to test how that is going.What are the best sources of free, organic traffic?I thought of using forums and posting comments with a subtle link to one of my articles. Do any of you cur
February 17, 2017
So, after a long time sitting on the side lines for one of my sites to take shape, I am now on a roll and with the site almost complete, I am at my next phase of the project. The next phase of the project is to use an autoresponder such as Mailchimp for my next phase of an email campaign. Well, not really an email campaign but an opt-in whereby a banner links to a landing page where they have to opt-in using their email address and for that they receive a free report, which in turn, leads to
I work as an IT freelance consultant in a niche market here in the UK, and I've come to know that some of the software vendors specialising in my niche offer a Partner Program. Basically, depending on various levels, you earn 10% referral fees based on introductions and referrals to them and if they 'convert' to a sale, you achieve this commission per month/annual.
Hi folks, I joined WA TWO years ago, started the training with all intentions of beginning my path into entrepreneurship with WA.I have, since starting the WA course (not the Affiliate Bootcamp), I have wained away from the course, not because I had lost interest, but because my time as a freelance IT consultant meant I was working away from home a lot and finding the time to delve back into the course was getting beyond laziness.A month ago, I almost pulled the plug and cancel my subscription
January 12, 2015
Hi there, my journey so far with WA! I've been working on my website for couple weeks now and it's coming along nicely. Filling it up with related content has been my goal for the past week and I have lots more to do but can you let me know what you think of it! Thanks Stuart
Hello again, My thought process of how i am going to think of which niche to go with; I know it was mentioned in the course to NOT spend too much time dwelling on this but I actually think it is a very important step and one that needs to be taken in a little more depth that is suggested in the course at WA. Anyway, taking a step back and looking at my interests, it is usually a good place to start with; i am thinking something in this list must be a very unique niche. Even though there
December 18, 2014
Hi there, this is my first blog post on Wealthy Affiliate and hopefully going to check-in daily on my achievements so far with WA. Well I already own two domains; and both are not related and I'm hoping to use the knowledge gained from the community to see how I can further build my online presence and have them monetized. I'm now on course 1 still and watching all the videos and contributing to each of the forums and discussions. Catch you all soon. St