55 ways to increase website traffic

1. Create amazing blogs

Do this regularly, once a day (best) or 2 per week or once a month. Just be consistent.

2. Include your website in your email signature.

Add signature to Google email

Add your website address under every email you send

3. Post on Social Media.

Get at least 3 accounts

On Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Flipboard, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram.....

4. Make business cards and/or flyers and spread them around.

Family, friends, leave them in waiting rooms in the magazines, in trains, buses and taxi's, everywhere...

5. Brand your car.

paint your website address on your car.

6. Make sure your website is complete

with thoughtful menu's and categories,

a privacy policy, affiliate disclaimer and when needed a medical disclaimer and posts.

7. Submit your site to search engines.

Offer a sitemap.xml to Google, Bing and Yandex

Links to Google & Bing are given in the training, here you find info about Yandex.

Fetch with Yandex

8. Search for forum sites in your niche.

Offer your help and answer questions.

9. Listen to the news/social media/glossies/newspapers

Add appropriate tags to old posts to breath them back to life.

Adapt to the changes and the hottest news items.

10. Test your website for speed.

Are you worried your website is loading to slow, and curious about what caused it?

Test here your website for free. Pingdom

11. Setup a subscriber form

Give away your best work for free in a pdf.

Or perhaps a discount code from your affiliate marketer.

Give some incentive.

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kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks Loes, great resources!!!!!
Loes Premium
Thanks Sylvia, you're welcome!
timsproducts Premium
You are a gem. !!! I am printing this out to refer to daily .

Thank you for your efforts making this training ;)
Loes Premium
Thanks Tim, I read 50+ blogs to get this gathered:)
timsproducts Premium
Fair play like I said you are a true gem . Cheers
CateR Premium
Yeah... I hit that Like button!
Pity I can't hit it for each page......
Loes Premium
Thanks Cate:)
waian Premium
Thanks Loes. I will be referring back to this regularly. :)
Loes Premium
Thanks Ian, very nice!
PjGermain Premium

How about I paint someone else's car ?
Loes Premium
Don't know if you can do that for free PJ:)