What is your purpose of joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: March 20, 2014

Can you tell us why? I know alot of people here is wanting to know what is really your purpose.

My own purpose is... To build my website, help others what i know, share information, motivate, communicate, making friends and of course to make money.

Please comment below if you care...

Thank you!

Best of luck,


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lambrinaable Premium
I fully support your goal. Support and motivation, help this are important step for me.
The sharing, discuss issues that binds the people in this community-WA, aims to show, first, that we are not alone in this time of building an online income and financial independence. It gives me confidence and peace of mind for the success, which over time will achieve.
cybridge Premium
True! All of us here have goals that's why we join WA for a common goal.
Thanks for sharing your purpose. I would love to hear what others will say.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - in an uncertain world, I want to create something to pass on to my boys. My 9-5 has had yet another year of no pay rises etc - so in real terms, financially, I'm getting poorer and poorer - so it's up to me, and me alone, to take control of my financial future, and secure it for my family.

All the best, Mark
cybridge Premium
All the best for you mark. Keep it up.
Yogie Premium
I want financial freedom, I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world. Online business for me is just like when I was hiking in Mount Fuji... I feel so tired but I can see clear the top of the mountain, I can't wait to be on the top and I will do whatever it to get there no matter what... Now I almost half way there and I can feel the win and I see beautiful view. How about you my friends?
Scorpio15 Premium
My purpose is to help others and encourage them to join WA and communicate,share information and eventually make money out of my website(s)
cybridge Premium
Perfect! Thanks for sharing.
Lesmyb Premium
Hello Cybridge,

Why did I join WA?
To learn how to build an online business and earn money so that I can live life on my own terms. I am loving it and I enjoy helping people with what I have learned.

cybridge Premium
That's right! Its one of the reason why we have here. Thanks for sharing. Good luck!