You're An Expert And You'll Be Successful

Last Update: December 08, 2016

As you go about your business working on your websites, researching keywords and creating posts, I know that sometimes it feels as if your work is pointless. Because nothings happening, at first. No sales, little traffic. Makes you second guess everything you do. This goes on for months for most marketers. I tend to think of those who make sales within the first three months as lucky.

These feelings are especially relevant to those who are newcomers to this whole affiliate marketing thing.

Don't second guess yourself. And it's not pointless. If you continue to work, and follow the training, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I promise.

Just continue to share your expertise, everyday if possible. And in time, not only will you grow, your sales will too!

Even though I'm not full time (yet), It wasn't that long ago that I myself wondered what was going on. But now my website is making consistent sales, so that tells me that I was doing something right.

And it also tells to keep doing what I'm doing, which is exactly what the training tells me to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

Keep it up good people! God bless.

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JulietAA Premium
Thanks for this post Christian.
Takatomo Premium
Great reminder. Thank you.
Calypso47 Premium
First: I want to assure you I am not 'taking the piss' here, or being a smart-alec, but . . . I do not really know what the phrase 'second guess(ing)' means. Does it mean to anticipate? To anticipate negatively?

As an English teacher for close to 35 years, and a writer who has been published in the mainstream, I am very sensitive to the need to use the correct word in every context, and not 'its cousin', as Mark Twain wrote. A word that practically has me cringing whenever I read it in its buzz word context is 'impacted [upon]'. PLEASE! Please write 'affected' or 'influenced'. Think, always, about word accuracy--which isn't to say we can get things wrong--especially when tired.

If you want a wonderful laugh, as well as writing wisdom, read Mark Twain's essay 'Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses'. I was introduced to this at university. If I want to raise my spirits--or give myself a kick in the pants about some writing 'horrible' I have committed, I'll re-read it. Not at all amusing, but equally valuable, is George Orwell's essay 'Politics and the English language'.

Pertinent, always.
CTisby Premium
Help me to understand the purpose of your response. Was it to correct me, or criticize? Or both?
Calypso47 Premium
Neither--which is why I started with that sort-of disclaimer. And you hadn't used that awful buzz-word, anyway, so clearly is was not about you.
Consider it as a sort of 'stream of consciousness' rant. about the misuse of words in general, but without a huge number of examples. :)
I then made reference to the Twain essay and to Orwell as useful resources for any writer.
And 'second guessing' means anticipating? :)
CTisby Premium
I think that "taking the piss" would be much worse choice of phrasing than "second guessing." But then again, this isn't about you either, just your choice of words.

Would you agree that your choice of words would be considered as a misuse of words? You're free to say whatever you want. as I am.

Therefore, before you go about offering ill-solicited opinions and corrections, consider your actions first, then respond. Your comment regarding your 35 years as a teacher, and your experience as a mainstream writer was totally irrelevant, and unwarranted, "IF" you were only ranting about MY choice of words.

I'd like to refer you to Paul Mooney, and Chuck D, as useful resources for any human being.

And second guessing means, whatever you think it does. I think that taking the piss means...taking a piss. I could be wrong.

Consider this as my stream of consciousness response. If you respond, don't be alarmed if I don't reply. I typically tend to mind my business, as you should. My initial post did not warrant a literary review. But thanks for your concern, I guess.
MPollock Premium
Nice work buddy
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks, you're so right, people need to believe in themselves.
CTisby Premium
And believe in the process.