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February 01, 2017
Yup, so I made it to stick around for 2 years. Hopefully I'll it three, and then reach my money goals as well. God bless to you all on this journey, keep the faith and never give up.
It would be nice to be able to sit on my couch and watch the training videos while I take notes, or follow along on my laptop. Sure I can use my iPad and get the same result, but casting the WA videos to my television would be a little more effective because it's bigger and I can see better. What 's required to make that happen I wonder?
As you go about your business working on your websites, researching keywords and creating posts, I know that sometimes it feels as if your work is pointless. Because nothings happening, at first. No sales, little traffic. Makes you second guess everything you do. This goes on for months for most marketers. I tend to think of those who make sales within the first three months as lucky.These feelings are especially relevant to those who are newcomers to this whole affiliate marketing thing.D
October 23, 2016
Hello old friends, and new ones too. I haven't been active here in forever, as well as with my sites. But even with my absence, I have still been making money.I have not posted any content to my site consistently since March. After that, I was good to get 3 posts in a month. But my commissions have been growing ever since, with the most being $249 last month. $140 of that was from one affiliate program, the remaining from Amazon and Ebay. And I'm on track to repeat this month of October.A
I know we all doubt ourselves, especially when we work and work, but nothings happening. But let me tell you, patience is as much a part of being successful as following the training and consistency.Made 4 sales yesterday. One today. Two last week. One last month. A few the month before that. So I'm headed in the right direction, I have to just stick with it and be patient. I'm a patient parent, a patient friend, generally a very calm person in general. but with this marketing thing, m
Just a thought... You'll hear time after time that it takes hard work to be successful online, i.e. earn a full time income. For me at least that's my idea of a successful online business.So how do you know whether or not you're working hard enough? Is it because you create content daily? Study the lessons and take action? Never quit and you keep at it? How is working hard exactly defined?For instance, internet marketers don't have to work as hard as the trash man, that's some hard work.
Well.I stopped checking my Amazon stats, because I grew tired of seeing the zeroes. In February, I got a few sales, and I thought yay! I'm finally doing something right. Then March hit, I fell ill with Pneumonia, and my posting to my site came to a trickle. Whereas I was doing 4-5 articles a week, I dropped to 1 - 2 per week in March, all while being sick. Man the month of March was rough for me.No sales in all of March, or so I thought. I watched my traffic grow last month from 17 - 25 u
Thought that I'd never get over the hump. I had been stuck in the 50's for about a month now, I was ill with pneumonia and out of commission for 3 weeks. I'm trying to gain my strength back and get back to it! But I'll tell ya, it ain't been easy. Don't give up y'all. Keep pushing.
March 06, 2016
Don't know if I'm an important enough figure around these parts, so I doubt that anyone even noticed that I went missing for a little bit! I've just been busy with trying to make my site profitable again lol.I saw a few sales in the beginning of February, and I thought hey now, we're on a roll! But then after that, nothing. Don't what happened, don't know if those sale were just early gifts from God to keep me pushing along, or if it was just one of those things. So I have been diligently a
February 17, 2016
The way that I see it with this online business thing, you have two options regarding your next move, when building out your website and it's content.1. You can continue to write and create content on an ongoing basis, even when nothings happening.2. You can see that nothings happening as you create content, and therefore you can quit and say that this stuff doesn't work.It's that simple. Everybody has choices, and it usually boils down to a this or that decision.But I tell you what, chances