Don't Use the Pinterest Wordmark

Last Update: September 18, 2019

I don't know how I got on this Guidelines kick lately, but here's another for ya...

As many of you know, I have been doing an incredible amount of research on social media platforms recently. There are probably thousands of helpful blog posts here on the topic, and I've collected information from both outside resources, as well as directly from the horse's mouths.

A while back, I was creating a blog banner in Canva for a new article, and after I finished, I questioned whether I was crossing any lines with my use of content.

Even though I created the banner myself, and used a Free pic from the Canva library, I thought I better do a little research before posting. Here's why...

General vs Specific Rules

Each social media platform (as well as affiliate program!) has their own set of personal rules. So, even if you are following all of the general guidelines, you still may be doing something against the rules if you haven't researched the specific company, platform, affiliate program's guidelines.

Here's what I learned through my own error:

As I said, I created a banner in Canva, which was to be used for one of my social media posts, and I used a Free image that I found in the Canva library.

The image was simply the full written brand name 'Pinterest' in their usual red and white coloring. Even though it was in the library as a Free image, I felt a little funny about using their logo.

So, I went to Pinterest, and pulled up their guidelines. Here is what I found:

Pinterest Brand Guidelines

Under 'Pinterest Logo' it says...

"Only use the Pinterest badge (please don’t use our wordmark!)"

Interesting, because as I said (twice already) this was a Free image readily available in the Canva library. Now, I LOVE Canva, but when it comes to using any type of Logo, I would suggest reading that company's rules as to the use of it.

I simply changed the image from the wordmark to the badge, and voila! Banner done, and compliant with Pinterest.

Any of you out there using the Pinterest wordmark in your posts or other materials???

You may want to consider an edit. This is the acceptable Logo badge to use:

Pinterest even requests that it be displayed in the proper shade of red, and provides the RGB and hex colors on their guidelines page.

Who knew?

Of course, you are able to use the word in other manners, and can create your own visuals, just don't use the Pinterest wordmark!


Did you know this?

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FKelso Premium
Glad you mentioned it. I've done the same with a few logos for reviews I've done. Guess I'd better do some checking.
cris1018 Premium
Yeah, I'm going back and checking a few older posts as well. Thanks, Fran!
Shellback Premium
cris1018 Premium
You're welcome!
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Cris,

Thanks for sharing this very valuable information about the Pinterest brand guidelines! Much success to you1

Kind regards,
cris1018 Premium
Your welcome, Nichola! Continued success to you as well!
Dave07 Premium
Good to know. We don’t want to fall foul of any of these big companies and end up needing a lawyer!
cris1018 Premium
Yes. I think, sometimes, in the routine of things we forget to check out the individual guidelines of the companies we use for our businesses. I imagine that one would first receive some sort of email request to remove the unapproved content, but I've never been in that situation. I do know that there are members here who have had experiences with accidental misuse of certain content, and the outcomes have varied.
Wdcope Premium
I have not used Pinterest yet, but it is something to note concerning rules for the different social media we use.
cris1018 Premium
Yes. Had I not scrolled through the guidelines, I would have used the wrong image. Thanks for your time.