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January 04, 2020
To Change or Not to ChangeTo continue on the path of setting new goals, and list-making of things to do, things to update, things to change, things to improve, etc, I thought it'd be the perfect time to go back and visit my profile bio and make some changes.Funny thing is... I like my Bio! Haha!I hadn't read it I guess probably since I wrote it. Isn't it a bit odd reading something of your own, and not remembering what you wrote?! I caught myself thinking, "Huh. I'm gonna leave that."Progress M
January 03, 2020
Is it really Friday, today?With New Year's Day having been on a Wednesday, and my kids still home on school break, my days are a little thrown off.I think it's important, though, that I get out a quick blog post before the end of the day.First off...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!I have been away a short while for the Holidays, and yet it feels like I've been gone too long! I've missed the keyboard, and this community!It makes me smile to see the many posts of Holiday bliss, time spent with family, and
That's how long it's been!?One Year at WASomehow, it's been a year! Or, so that's what the badge tells me. October is my month.I'm not sure how time manages to escape me, and at a faster rate with each passing year. I'm only a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a life-long learner, and an entrepreneur. (That's all...)Where does the time go?My Reflection of 12 MonthsThe badge itself doesn't mean much... other than an instant reminder of my persistence, determination, thirst for knowledge, ded
Have you ever seen a "Site not secure" or "mixed content" alert message?You may have noticed that the little "site not secure" message is coming up a bit more than it used to, or that the "mixed content" message appears when you're browsing websites.I read an article this morning announcing the near changes in Google Chrome secure browsing (link below), and thought to share it here today.First, what is "mixed content," and why do we sometimes see it here with our own WA sites?Mixed Content: In
While typing away this morning on a new post, I realized that I habitually performed a keyboard function that I routinely use, but may not be well-known across the platform because not all of us come from backgrounds where keyboard shortcuts are a common tool.For those of you who regularly use keyboard shortcuts, this probably won't be new news. But for those who are unfamiliar, or never had a reason to learn them, these can be very useful, especially when you are writing a lot of content.The U
Hey all,This is a quick one, as I was helping someone in Chat today who was questioning how to get rid of the Category "Uncategorized."I have done this in the past, so I thought I would just quick verify if it can still be done. It can.You CAN change the Uncategorized Category if you don't want it.You do NOT need tech support for this.Here's a visual (sorry it's a bit blurry):Some people have the 'delete' button and some do not. I don't know why, but it doesn't matter.All you need to do is clic
September 20, 2019
A while back, somewhere in the midst of training, I had set up some Google Alerts.Earlier, I received a good one on a topic that I've been researching, and it made me think that today might be a good day for an Introduction, or a Reminder, of how helpful Google Alerts can be for us.What's Google AlertsGoogle Alerts is a way to "monitor the web for interesting new content."Why Use Google AlertsIt can be a real time saver when you're writing content to have current related news delivered right t
September 12, 2019
(Updated 11/7/19 to include the banner notice!)Last year, I had just gotten started at WA, and was diligently progressing through the OEC training to build out my niche site, so I missed this opportunity completely.But, I SAW IT.The Black Friday Opportunity Approaches!Black Friday can be a huge opportunity for sales and commissions, for both niche sites and WA-promo sites. If you start to prepare now, you can be ready to market Black Friday and cash-in on the biggest sales day of the year!For N
A lot of successful people talk, and write, about Positive Mindset. If you're already in that frame of mind, then you will find yourself nodding, and reflecting on the change it has made in your life as you continue to read this.But for those who are just discovering the concept, the term 'Positive Mindset' can sound like an illusion. So if you want to share the idea, without coming across as a creepy magician trying to sell your audience "The Secret" (which is great, by the way), why not expla
So I received an SAC email from Kyle this morning, as did the entire SAC group, and expected it to be the next month's task list.However, due to the July 4th Holiday, and consideration for those who may have traveled, Kyle and Carson have postponed the start of month 3 for one week. This is GREAT for me!Don't Waste What's Given To YouWords to self!I am behind due to my own family's travels, and have been writing as much as possible this week to complete as many things as I could before the chan