One Big Reason That Everyone Should Teach SEO!

Last Update: May 21, 2019

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Let's talk about some strategy today. Why is SEO so profitable for those who go out and teach it? One big reason that Everyone Should Teach SEO is that it is the SLOWEST way to do marketing.

Think about what this means. You can convince somebody else to invest in following your training for more then a year because you keep them in suspense for that big OUTCOME!

One day you will see results but for now, you need to keep adding content so that the Search Engines Will Give You More Trust!

Brilliant strategy, for somebody who is behind this kind of education because people will do whatever it takes to prove that something works.

Once you get a large enough pool of customers, you can then get those students to do your work for you with commissions as rewards.

SEO And Staying The Course To Help Others

By now you should be thinking about your own strategies, that is due to the fact that I have psychologically gotten inside of your mind.

What is marketing about? BEING SEEN, HEARD, BELIEVED, AND LISTENED TO! What do you notice about the way you are behaving?

You have fallen for this strategy and it works very well. But if that doesn't impress you then guess what?

Perhaps this is your WAKE UP CALL :-). Hey you, guess what today is... No, not hump day!

It's time to become fully AWARE and OBSERVE what is happening in your life.

Remember that experience is the best way to learn, and that you have been learning more then you even realize.

Which also means you already know how to do this because you are getting firsthand knowledge just by staying a member here.

Are you struggling to make any money here? Guess why? You haven't noticed the pattern that works this well.

Let me tell you a story, so that I can show you what has to be the next step.

Overcome is a word that means to get passed some type of adversity.

Life is full of adversity because you need to have a challenge in order to rise above the comfort you desire.

Obstacles are just a different way to say problems, challenges, adversities, and issues. These test our abilities and create a DESIRE to do something different.

Dot had a business but didn't know what she needed to do. She was always asking questions but deep down she never understood what she really wanted.

Com is her rival who likes to flaunt his successes. He knows that dot will never make an impact on his business so he continues to rub it in.

When you act like Dot, you keep sabotaging the stuff you try to understand. It complicates things which adds insult to injury.

You know it's just a matter of time before something will click but you don't have a plan that is proven to actually work.

Com has seen you struggling from the sidelines but really doesn't want you to out perform him.

At the same time he feels a bit bad because he thinks "I wish she would at least follow my strategy to bring some excitement into this business".

The Two Headed Beast That Resides In Everyone

On some level we all have this inner duo, one is our best friend and the other our worst enemy. Both of these influence everything that we do but only one can win at a time.

When you can awaken yourself to the reality that you are experiencing you can absolutely change what these two beasts say.

But most people only let one of them respond. Typically it's the evil blue head that tries to run the show. It's not their fault, you trained them to be this way.

However, you also sometimes hear the faint voice of the red-headed side because she is the little part of you that is curious for the truth.

When you fail, you excite the blue side because it feeds off your complaints. Unfortunately you fail a lot, so that red side starves often.

It needs you to succeed because whenever you believe you allow it to sip on the soup of your DESIRE.

Decide Which Side You Want To Truly Win!

Now that you are aware of what your inner struggle is doing, can you overcome that evilness or will you concentrate on enhancing it's abilities by mistake?

Perhaps you are wondering what happened to the message: SEO Is Your Golden Ticket! Or something along those lines?

Well, it's still there but it's currently stuck in between these two sides. Both are trying feed on the stuff you keep trying to do.

It just so happens you didn't actually realize it will only satisfy the hunger of one side. You can choose to kill the blue head and save the red one or you can go with the opposite.

But you aren't able to do both of these things because they aren't meant to both survive.

Or am

I just telling you that because I want you to think about this, are you so easily convinced of what somebody else says?




Where do you see these three words in prime time? Did you know that all three are psychological triggers that instantly cause you to visualize something?

Do you believe me?

Scenario One Is What Happens When You Stop Trying To Win!

Wait, I haven't shared with you the different scenarios. However, I am already guessing that you know where this is leading.

Scenario One is you lose and the blue headed side becomes unstoppable!

Scenario Two is you lose and the blue headed side stays hungry except you don't even care whether anything ever happens.

Scenario Three is you break even and achieve some type of small victories. You don't realize your dreams but it's not quite time to give up yet.

Scenario Four is you win but it's not doing what you thought it would be. You have been taken off track trying to achieve another desire instead of you most important one.

Scenario Five is your victory because you decided to dive in and give it your best shot.

You found a way to believe in yourself, strengthened your faith in what you can do, understand that leadership means to rotate who makes the decisions, and you found a solution to keep the red-headed side well-fed.

This means it's no longer a passive voice inside of you that simply tries to help out, it has become the very core of your motivation and teaches you how to unleash it's true power.

You have awoken a very strong BEAST who is now your strongest ally who also prevents that evil blue head from ever reviving to interfere with your plans.

Congratulations or Tough Break....

Let me know what you think and if you could follow along.

The art of suggestion is one of the many ways you can influence another person to trust you. Is that good or bad?

Lastly did you know that too many people allow the blue side to stick around even after they find what they are searching for? Did you notice the subliminal inside this post?

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Very true, Cramervod, for this same reason selling SEO strategies for a living is a hard sell!

Great post full of valuable information!
Thanks a lot for sharing!
Wish you great success!

Isn't this how the WA "education" works?

Teaching SEO with a recurring pricing model
is really profitable.

Because SEO takes time to see results.
It takes 6-12 months to see real results, I mean

So students have to stick around for that to see

For the course creators that is a good
Life time value, instead of a one time payment.

Even if the students doesn't get results, most feel its
their fault. Most quit and even then the course
creators are making money.

Even when most quit, the course creators can get
new members in the loop and still stay profitable.

There is a real opportunity for scammers in SEO
education niche.

But we are fortunate that we are in Wealthy Affiliate :)

It is how WA works but there are just as many other lessons gained from the training here. For example, specialized knowledge of any niche can be done in a similar way.

The reason that people don't succeed is due to the fact that they don't stay the course. The only possible result when that happens is a failure.

While those are the truths, we see there is one real enemy which changes the desire that fatally stops a person.

It is a mistake to believe that you do not have the capacity to achieve with a proven strategy which is right in front of you from day one.

Thank you for commenting Midhun


Exactly, you are right, Eric

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