What To Do When You Have Writer Block

Last Update: May 20, 2018

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Have you ever dealt with the frustrations that go with writing for a deadline? Or maybe you have gotten through your morning routine, set everything up just to sit and stare at the screen trying to think about what you will write today?

What to do when you have writer block? Should you step away and try doing another task? Or can you simply look at the wall and pray for an idea?

Recently I sat down and came up with ten wonderful ways to remove this painstaking ordeal from your day to day life. All you need to do is to check the last link on my profile and it will take you to a guest post I just had published.

I would gladly list those here but don't wanna risk any kind of duplicate content. I still don't want you to feel that you have to leave here empty-handed, because I will show you some extra tips that will blow you away.

Five Bonus Ways To Kill Writer Block

It's simply not enough to acknowledge the struggle you are having, the subconscious mind already has thousands of wonderful titles, headings, and stories you could share.

The biggest problem is that you live in a time when technology is a major interference and there is almost always some other form of distraction getting in the way of things.

Worry not, there is one magic trick you can use and it takes less than 15 mins to get you all set to start writing.

This trick is to meditate, yes that's right, learning how you focus your mind on something as simple as your breath can eliminate many hurtful distractions and thoughts.

But the real pleasure that you will gain is by making it a habit. Doing it every day for the benefits of gaining more focus, more concentration, more creativity and a sharper imagination.

How, to do it you may ask? Find a quiet spot where you can be alone, then get comfortable and tell yourself it's time to meditate.

As you sit there quietly you will want to practice breathing. Take one deep breath (four count or till you can feel your belly getting full), hold it for a 3-second count, and slowly let it out using that same four count.

Not only will this help to keep your mind off your thoughts and your concerns, but it will relax and start to calm you down.

This breathing technique is very useful because you practice doing it anywhere. Once your mind is free of other concerns, your ability to think will increase. Try it out and see.

The Second Bonus Tip For Writer Block

Have you ever tried to think really hard about something you needed to remember but couldn't get that memory to come back to you when needed?

Try doing this next technique and releasing you concentration by visualizing yourself somewhere relaxing and peaceful.

Don't worry if you can't see the image, visualizing something occurs by remembering the scene. When you read a book that is often described to you with special descriptive words.

Use this to your advantage, let yourself start to describe the setting instead of just saying I am on a beach, you put that feeling you would have in your mind.

Remind yourself about the time that there was a slight breeze which lifted up your favorite beach towel by it's corner and caused you to place a foot on it to keep it from flying away.

What temperature is the sand on your feet, what kind of aroma does the water rushing up to your spot have, can you hear the waves crashing?

The better the picture you get the easier it becomes to recall memories attached to those feelings and you can use those for story ideas to write about.

Third Tip For A Better Writing Session

I want to bring you back from the beach now and take you to another fantasy type realm. The school or public library and I am certain everyone knows about, right?

Remember how big the sections are with all kinds of authors, subjects, and interesting unusual book titles?

Try to think about some of your favorite authors or books, and ask yourself what you loved so much about reading from these sources.

I have 7 different libraries to choose from in my memories, so pick one that you remember the best.

Think about all the interesting questions you used to ask, who you met, who was there and how you felt when you finished a book knowing there were others just as good ready for you to read.

Any new ideas come to mind about a book you read? Or maybe you can remember a question you had that never got answered?

All type of exercises you can use that gets your imagination going will help you remember things that were almost forgotten.

Take the time when you get stuck trying to come up with an idea to give yourself that thrill of a pleasant memory. Even when it's not so pleasant remember the lessons you learned.

Fourth tip you can use for your writing

This one isn't that wonderful unless you have a collection of something, but who knows right until you ask yourself the questions.

I like to think about all the rooms in the houses that I have ever been and try to imagination being there again.

This can work well if you can see a shelf full of little mementos or see somebodies collection of spoons from traveling to different locations.

My Grandparents traveled across all the states and shared a story or the significance of the spoons they got from traveling.

This also made it easier for me to remember some gifts they brought back. Sometimes there are great stories from those trips, or some great ideas from the gifts they gave me.

Think about your own life and where other people have inspired you before by the things they shared with you about there adventures.

The fifth and last writing block trick

Everyone can probably make a list of the first times they have experienced throughout there lives, but have you ever sat down to try to recall as many of them as you can?

Not only can this help get you out of the mindset of being stuck but it can cause a feeling of gratefulness to run through your entire body.

Just give yourself a few minutes and try to come up with a couple ways you can laugh at some funny fails you experienced as you tried something new.

This is also useful for reflecting on embarrassing moments and letting yourself understand why it's absolutely nothing horrendous that happened.

All of these tips are wonderful ways to get your mind to start working with you and not against you to uncover the best stories or experiences people love to hear about.

One great part of your life is to practice journaling about things you have done so you can relate with other people. These are excellent methods to write for a blog to help build your readers interests.

Remember if you would like more of these tips to check out my first guest blog post, it's gonna be the one I remember doing for quite some time.

I hope all of these help you with what to do when you have writer block. Be sure to share some of your thoughts or feelings down below and also share my first guest blog with others who can benefit as well.


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Recent Comments


Hey Eric! Awesome tips that really work. Thank you so much for sharing.

Ever since I wrote about writer block, I haven't had a day when I couldn't reach my 1k words a day minimum goal. I figured out a method to train my subconscious mind, that is to write about it so that I think about it and then can follow my own suggestions.

That is so true when we help others we basically help ourselves for we meet no one but ourself... Thank you!

Hi Eric,
Excellent post, information and tips. I remember my mother also collected spoons and people would bring her spoons instead of a post card! I get a lot of new information through meditation myself, I will incorporate some of these tips!
Thanks for sharing!
Michael Inman

Excellent, I can still see my grandma's collection on the kitchen wall. Every time we would stop by she would have added a couple of new ones. Some were really cool like the one she has with mickey mouse ears. Anyways, glad you liked the post.


Eric, thank you so very much for sharing these fabulous tips! I will attempt to use these in the future when I'm stuck.... I always say, "I'm a good listener but often find it difficult to express myself, especially writing."

Best wishes on your success!


The good news is that everything becomes possible with enough practice. So set aside the time to write something each day no matter what it is and you will increase that skill.

Best wishes for your success as well!


Get something to relax my mind while at the same time think of ideas to write about

There are all kinds of fun things you can do to take the pressure off of yourself and generate quick ideas.

Great tips, Eric.
Meditation actually helps me focus on my tasks even when I'm tired, and boosts the efficiency as well.


Lot's of great things happen when you include meditation in your daily routine.

" All type of exercises you can use that gets your imagination going will help you remember things that were almost forgotten.
This seems the most apt to me.

Keeping your mind sharp is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

Thank you, Eric, for this very informative and well-thought-out post! It will certainly help so many of us when we get "stuck" with writer's block.

For me, when this occurs, I go and sit someplace where I cannot be disturbed by anyone. I use my aromatherapy diffuser (choosing an uplifting scent such as orange or peppermint) and just let things flow through my mind naturally about the topic I have planned to write about but cannot quite get it together as I wish.

Also going for a walk helps me! Maybe it puts more oxygen into my brain and thoughts just seem to come more freely. : )

I will refer to this article again when necessary.

Take care,


Wonderful, I am glad you liked it and can see the value in what I wrote. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. :-)


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