How have you been blogging at the Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: May 09, 2021

Hey, I am Lula.

Inspired by @AbieAJ and their "How have you been achieving maximum productivity?" - thus my blog post.

Are you adding value by blogging at Wealthy Affiliate? And Exactly how?

For me, there's always a PURPOSE. If no sense, I see no point blogging at WA.

I may blog

Because something RELEVANT to the platform resonates with me

Help starters and referrals navigate the platform

Provide updates about my REAL progress

Write about programs and tools that could benefit members

Provide ADDED VALUE blog posts related to promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform as I am running with the Bootcamp and own niche sites

How do I go about my blogging?

Same process as my site's posts. I look in Jaaxy and find a reasonably low competition keyword I can include as my target keyword. I also look in my Search Analysis to see who the players are for that keyword.

However, I would not add the same length of word count as my REAL site. The maximum word count I have blogged at Wealthy Affiliate so far adds to 759 words.

I make sure my plagiarism is 0%.

Neatness and user experience are of importance to me.

The message conveys to the best of my ability.

I provide a chance for members to ask questions, and I am especially interested in quality comments.

I keep it original. I keep it simple.

But best for last,

Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate blog posts get indexed and ranked in the search engines? I would be wary of how I write my blog posts and blog at Wealthy Affiliate.

Did you know that non-members can be searching for your keywords, and they could land on any blog post, discussion, or training you created? Furthermore, at 20 seconds interval, a sign-up prompt, and they do, guess who wins? So again, I would be very wary of what I include in my blog posts and blogging at Wealthy Affiliate.

A network professor once taught me, "Garbage In, Garbage Out!" Any measure confirms it.

So, What's your Verdict on This?


I wish you all healthy, sound, blooming, and thriving, continued success, and a terrific day.

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wnmorgan Premium
Hey I like that info I know we have a lot of great people in this program but we learn from one another. So we pick up a thing or two. These ideas we get it come from our family here helping one another, made it. Our goal is the same just different ways to get there. My pray is that we all get there, we might not get there together but we will get there. I didn't mean to say all that but I just want to encourage you to work on work on. May God bless this family!
Jesusfan Premium
Thanks for the information, Lula. It is very helpful.

MBdesire Premium Plus
Good and informative
Only1Hugh Premium
You are right Lula regardless if it is your website blog or your WA blog you have to be always concerned about quality. This is a reflection of you which should always be held to the highest standard.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Thanks for the mention Lula, we are honored :)

Awesomeness throughout and as usual, and yes you are right, investing in writing qualifying content same as our sites can reward us significantly especially if those blog posts get ranked in the search engines.

Hope it rains referrals on you Lula, you deserve the best.

Wishing you success on your journey.
MBdesire Premium Plus
Sure I have to something about Jaxxay search.