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Hello, the wealthy affiliate friends and family members, my dear co-founders, senior members, members, starters, if you have time then please, go through my BIO -
Know? I am a teacher who teaches English. Hello,-- I am a singer too During the life course, I have looked for jobs and work to earn passive money to cope with the family expenditure smoother than that I am doing now. I have knocked here and there and lastly, for getting a satisfactory goal I have settled my mind to sign with WA and have completed the signup.

Hello, looking at my picture what do you think about me, please, write.

My Identity:
MSS-1: (Economics)
MA-1: (English)
Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed.)
ICMAB: Intermediate (continued)
Username: @MBhuiyan1

About Wealthy Affiliate:
@ One thing in WA is that all members are friendly and helpful that is they are mutual.

@ I like to be a trainer step by step here at WA and I hope I will get your support and encouragement. Please, the folks who visit my profile, write you consultative informative, formative, and discussing or criticizing views.

@ I am mentally prepared to work with this famous Affiliate company like Wealthy Affiliate and I have done signing up as a premium plus member after huge roaming to know about Affiliate companies. I hope the WA company's overall advancement, success, prosperity, etc.

What I have now and do:

@ in WA, I have the strongest website.
@ I write Google Advertisements with Google.
@ I also write on the Google Blogger's site.
@ An affiliate with Fiverr.
@ I have YouTube Channels

What we should do to get ourselves ready here at WA to earn money:

Learn to consider your position.
So, to earn money what we should need to do,
Please. Work with determination, right?
Then you will be able to work here with your Wealthy Affiliate. Complete the action at Bootcamp, training, and classes.
Why all these are--
@ It is to build up a website
@ Helping others in doing their works easily.
@ Keep your connection with the members
@ Ask the senior what you should do or should not do
@ Chat through the private message
@ Go on live chat
@ write your blogs
@ Write Site Comments
@ Write your Contents

So, Every non-trained and starter, please,

But you have to complete your training course successfully.


So, be practical to grab training

With love

I am Desire, the pupil of all the greatest members and the beginners.
Know, as you are the visitor here, I will offer you to take the benefit as you need.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
Goal created on
Mar 22, 2021
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MBdesire Premium Plus
How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hey there, am so happy you've completed your money goals, am sure they’re attainable. All the best, wish you success in your endeavors.

Please follow the training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons. How to make money online video by Kyle As you go along the coursework, ask as many questions as you like to get clarifications, mark your question as community and someone will always be here to answer your inquiries. You can also blog your questions, that's the Pencil, top menu, choose Blog at WA. I believe there's a limit to blogging on the WA blog roll for the first three months.

Again you may like to post about why you choose WA, how you come about your niche, what are your goals for this week and the following, aspirations, etc.

Remember the WA community is no judgement. It is an open discussion. We help each other, we were all at one point where you are right now.

(The sky’s the limit however please be aware this is not a rich quick scheme however more like a long term commitment that takes months of consistent work.)

Welcome to WA.

Best wishes

Kyle Premium Plus
These are really awesome goals Mizanur, I congratulate you on taking the first step in making them. Take action and be persistent towards achieving these. Make it happen.

You have everything that you need here within the community to get there...EVERYTHING! :)
j52powell Premium
Great to see you here!

Creating goals is an important first step. After that, I suggest taking advantage of the well-designed and systematic training provided here at WA. When you have questions, don't be afraid to ask the talented and helpful mentors here for us.

If you follow the training diligently and use the many resources at Wealthy Affiliate, you will see steady progress. Good luck with moving toward your goals.

Best regards,

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Hello and welcome to the WA family. I hope you are settling in and finding your way around.

Those are great goals that you have set yourself. Remember that this is a journey and not a destination. There is a lot of work ahead, so the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of it.

Enjoy the excellent quality training from Kyle and just ask if you have any questions, as we are all here to help you and each other to achieve our goals.
DeRaj Premium Plus
That is 100% achievable goals. Actually, you can expect to earn around $3000+ per month by working 2-3 hours per day within a year which will definitely keep on growing day by day and you can gain that very easily by following Wealthy Affiliate courses.
So, I suggest you to keep on taking Wealthy Affiliate lessons by clicking “Training“ on the top menu of Wealthy Affiliate and after that by clicking “Online Entrepreneur Certification”. At the end of those lessons, there are some tasks which you need to complete. Move step by step from lesson 1 without skipping any lessons or tasks. I repeat, without skipping any lessons or tasks. If you move in that way, soon you will understand the system of WA and even will start to build your online business.
Please always feel free to ask me if you need any help from my side. I'm your sponsor and I'm always happy to help you. Even you can follow me and message me on my Twitter profile if you need my urgent help. This is my Twitter profile:- https://twitter.com/DeSumanRoka
Best of Luck!
MBdesire Premium Plus
Hello, Kyle, Ok, thanks for messaging and seeing my profile, think this will make our business relation stronger and we may cross a long way to achieve our goal.
I am not a genius one so I dream to achieve my business goal by staying with the business legend like you that by your superb guide I can be an earner too.
With love and affection.
With the light of success, our life becomes scented.

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Josh Lanska Premium Plus
Hi Mizanur, nice to meet you, giving you a warm welcome to WA!

My best advice is follow these 2 simple steps and repeat:
1) LEARN as much as you can..
2) ACT on what you learn! you got this!

Wish you the best as you learn and build your online business!

mechidor Premium
Hey there, thank you for the follow; I am following you back and wish you a lovely day!
heavensaroma Premium
Thank you for the follow Mizanur!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I see you have done your research on affiliate platforms and I believe you have made the right choice here.

You have all the tools you need to start a successful business right at your fingertips!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask as everyone here is super helpful and all in this for the same reason, Success!

Wishing you the best in your online endeavors!

Angela : )
MBdesire Premium Plus
I am doing but how I may do the best, please.

Hello, -- Heavensaroma, Love and affection to you. It's my pleasure that we are on the same platform and follow each other and I hope our success and smart achievement will be possible if we become cooperative. And I also hope for you to be an upline leader at WA.
Prosperity and success are the terms that we wish so we should have mutual understandings.
Life becomes bright by the illumination of love.

Jesusfan Premium
Hi Mizanur! Thank you for following me. I wish you all the best here in WA.

Teaching English in a high school sounds like an interesting job. I hope your students like their class :)

I am following you back and am happy to be a part of your network.

MBdesire Premium Plus
Lynn, my great friend,
My love and affection to you.
Thanks a lot. I hope your overall gain and you as a good friend. Your inspiring writing makes me pleased and happy. And again, I am grateful as you follow me.
Jaz333 Premium
Hello Mizanur ... Welcome to WA and thank you for adding me to your network!

If you ever need a hand, or just want to bounce ideas off someone, feel free to drop me a line and I'll help in any way I can. I wish you luck & success in reaching all your goals!

All the best, Shannon
MBdesire Premium Plus
My heartiest affection to you. I am pleased for following you. Knowing your goal and hobby. I am a starter up to now so teacher if you have time visit my dominion.
I am simply an unmatured starter nothing genius with me.
My dream is to learn by seeing you and reading you. Forgive if there is lacking to write.
MBdesire Premium Plus
Dear Jaz, my great friend,
My love and affection to you.
Thanks a lot. I hope your overall gain and you as a good friend. Your inspiring writing makes me pleased and happy. And again, I am grateful as you follow me.
I always need it.