Gaining Trust With Google

Last Update: January 20, 2016

So, You Want Google To Trust You?

My past few posts have been all about content so you can bet this next one is going to be on the same topic. :)

Why though?

Because content is what you need for your ideal success. I personally promise and guarantee you that.

I focused so hard when I started out, worked 10x harder than I do today and I mean that 100%.

Some days I would write 3 entire blog posts going for 1,000+ words each.

You need a crazy heavy desire to make it happen and to do whatever it takes to create more and more content on your site, implementing the strategies that you learn and you'll get to where you want to go inevitably.

You're going to want to keep on creating content until you see what gets ranked and what is working. ALL content WILL lead to better rankings.

You may have already wrote a post that is going to get ranked but your site needs more trust with Google.

The ONLY way that you're going to build that trust is through content.

Google is only going to see WHAT YOU ADD AND DO WITH YOUR SITE.

Google only sees your action, not the ideas that you have in your head.


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NORZ Premium
Wow! How can you manage to create 3 blog post everyday? I mean, I myself ran out of ideas when I'm doing just 1 post a day.
ColtonJames Premium
Do you know what the alphabet soup technique is? Also check out things like UberSuggest and Portent.
NORZ Premium
Yeah I know how to do the alphabet soap. But the problem is I always ran out of things to write as if my mind is running dry. haha!

Okay bro thank you very much I'll check out on these 2. I'm also trying to come up with a template for content writing. :D
TommyV Premium
Thank you for that Colton. You're a really great teacher.
Jeg12 Premium
Hey Parre
Thanks I needed this info. I have been wondering if I will ever get ranked.

Thank you. Content is king.
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Thanks Parre for this great post. I certainly can learn from you. I have not yet managed to write 3 posts of 1000 plus words in one day, although it would be great to do that.

I look forward to reading your next post :)

Lunaria Premium
Awesome Post
ColtonJames Premium
Thanks :)
Lunaria Premium
No problem :)