Gone yearly!

Last Update: January 05, 2016

some five days back I decided to go yearly.

It was an ideal I have been toiling with for quite some times.

I felt my future really belongs here and in other to concentrate on the work at hand and not having to constantly be worrying about my next subscription day, I took that big decision.

I ought to have taken advantage of the extended black Friday window provided by Kyle &Carson but my finances at that time was tied down on something else. the most important thing for me is -finally I am still going to be around in the next twelve months.

I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the future here for me, looks brighter as the days go by.

talking about my ranking here at WA, I am not really bothered because I know right from the beginning that ranking high won`t change my situation if I don't give much time in developing my websites. that not withstanding, I am going to be more active now within the community.

Thank you all for reading my blog!

I will soon be updating you of my progress.


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KelseyLim Premium
Hi Clems, You don't seem to be active with the community. Now is the time to map out your priority and reschedule your time to focus on the training and tutorials so that you can build a website in your niche. If you have any questions just raise it and the supportive community will help. Best wishes so that this new venture will eventually grow a passive income online. [Kelsey]
AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations, have a brilliant year.
clemz Premium
thank you. wish you same
RonAlderman Premium
Congratulations. That is a smart move . See you at the top.
clemz Premium
Thank you greatly