Tough times. Unfortunately unsubscribing.

Last Update: November 12, 2016

Let me say this first.



It's just, Life is hard sometimes. I risked using my savings for premium since day 1 because I have to be one in order to join WA BUT don't get me wrong. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I thought in a month I could rack up to just the monthly price in order to keep me sustained in being a member but i thought wrong. To those people thinking they could get started earning for a month, you could but it's not that quite easy, some has already been doing this for 6-12 months and still no sale. Be realistic.

If you are a beginner like me. Your first month will just be studying and learning the basics. You have to devote yourself and work hard in order to achieve your goals and also please do give time for your friends and family. DON'T FORGET THEM. I know learning something new and gain passive income is addictive.

My Experience here in WA has been phenomenal!

The Training, The support, The owners even give time to message you and give you pointers on how you can do better. It has been an amazing experience here in WA. I would come back here after I get everything straight back here. Some might say $49 is a cheap price to pay, well my friend, we all have different circumstances.

I just want to thank you everyone who has supported me through out this month.

My last stop here will be on the 16th.

I'll see you guys later. I guess. Cheers!


Clark Tan

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martycanaday Premium
Take care, Clark!
HarveyBrown Premium
Take care Clark and I hope everything works out.
StepChook Premium
Best of luck, Clark. Hope to see you back soon!
MPollock Premium
We will miss you so hurry back.
drjec Premium
Sorry to hear that you have to unsubscribe. Hopefully you can come back on in the very near future.