1 Year With Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: August 09, 2014

Time sure flies when you are busy and my year with WA was nothing but a great journey so far. I apologize for the late post. The last couple of weeks had challenges of its own, if storms did not flood us here in SA, the earthquake made it impossible to work efficiently. Hopefully I am forgiven?

My reason for joining WA is different than most who join, because I was already somewhat successful when I joined WA. Obviously everyone would be interested to know how WA helped me and what I had gained from this platform in the last year right?

Why did I join?

My Goal was to find a platform that will provide my readers with a solution in many aspects of internet marketing without ripping them off. I found success with website development, blogging and know everything WA teach is spot on. In addition, I was hoping to find a solution to my own problem, finding a decent affiliate program that I could promote with pride and dignity. Kyle and Carson have rules, they keep this platform spam and scam free. This is the major reason why I love to be with WA, I know my referrals will not be subjected to constant up sales and they will be able to concentrate on building their online businesses.

How did Wealthy Affiliate help me grow?

The list is never ending, but I will highlight the key features that made a significant difference:

  • The Affiliate Bootcamp helped me to sharpen up my website and promoting skills.
  • Helping others – With loads of emails, blog comments and flooded social networks, it is hard to be effective. WA’s private messaging system makes it much easier for me to help and prioritize.
  • The learning process never stops and the updated training on WA keeps my knowledge up to date, allowing me to fix the flaws in my online business.

Ever since I implemented some of the training and advice that was given by members, my websites went from good to awesome!

Did I reach all my goals?

  • Finding a program that is worth its salt and will help my readers to break apart from scams – Accomplished!
  • Get more traffic to my websites – Accomplished!
  • Get better ranking positions – Accomplished!
  • Reach the 300 sales mark – Too early to tell!
  • Eliminate online actions that cause me to lose valuable time – Almost Accomplished! (Thanks Kyle)
  • Set up an automated system that actually works – Still battling, but another year should fix it.
  • Work less than 10 hours a day – Not Accomplished yet, but hey, I can dream right?
  • Create a niche website that is not about marketing – Partially done.

Can you really make money with the WA program?

This is obviously one of the questions I receive the most, and no, I am not going to give you a peek at my earnings because each person is different and works at his/her own pace. However, I will include a snapshot of my progress with WA from the date I joined.

(Keep note – I blocked out my daily clicks because each person will have their own daily conversion rate that is influenced by many factors.)

Money should not be your goal and I merely included some stats to prove that the Wealthy Affiliate boot camp works and that you can reach your goals if you implement the training and work hard. Money seldomly brings joy unless we have it, even then, it does not buy everything. Focusing on money can be depressing, especially if you had not seen a sale yet and negativity is a deadly recipe for failure. Focus on success and money will follow. In addition, each person has different skills and his/her own level of dedication. A person who spends 8 hours a day working on his/her website will make more progress than a person who can only afford to work 1 – 2 hours a day. Some who join WA already have learned the basics and thus they are able to move forward quicker.

Never compare your own progress with others, work at your own pace and stay persistent!

Do I have any regrets?

Yes, I do have a few but one that stands out the most. I wish I could have found a WA link amongst all the scams 2 years ago when I was still a newbie. I would have saved time and money.

My Goals for 2015/2016

  • Master English writing completely and get over the “grammar fear”
  • Make it to Vegas in 2016
  • Spend more time in WA.
  • Learn how to manage my time and convert a 24 hour day into 48 hours. (Any advice would be welcome!)
  • I am excited about the upcoming PPC phase due in September and my goal is to have success with paid advertising as well. I know the training will help me to accomplish it.

A Special Thanks To…

My Heavenly father who made everything possible and gave me the strength to keep going when at times all seemed impossible. Without God by my side, my online journey would have been a struggle. In addition, I want to thank everyone who left me positive messages, helpful advice and made me smile. Last but not least, a special thanks to Kyle and Carson for providing an outstanding platform and support structure. I know all to well how demanding an online business can be, you guys are doing a great job to manage it perfectly.

Like always, please sent me a PM if you have questions or need advice.

Have an awesome day!

PS: Building an online business is like a bottle of wine, you need to let it mature before you will see the value of your hard work.

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davidknight Premium
Very nice post I enjoyed your input on the 1st year with WA.
Christene9 Premium
Thanks for the feedback David, much appreciated! Have a pleasant day.
Reese23 Premium
Awesome Post...very encouraging...Congratulations on all of your success!
Christene9 Premium
Thanks Reese, glad you liked it. Keep up the good work and have yourself an awesome day.
Dreams4real Premium
Thanks for sharing, Christene. For English being your second language, I have to say that your writing is impeccable... much better than most native born English speakers. I plan to stay with this affiliate marketing as long as it takes to provide me an income and freedom to enjoy it. And thanks for giving special thanks to your Heavenly Father, without whom none of this is possible!
Christene9 Premium
Pleasure Alice, thanks in return for the positive comment about my English writing, it is always great to hear that I am making progress with the impossible language.

I am sure that you will see results, time is the biggest factor that keeps people from reaching their goals, they give up too soon. Keep working on your websites and add as much content as possible. You have done a great job so far. Looking forward to read more about "losing weight" for dogs, never thought that it is bad for them.

Have a blessed day!
wellzane Premium
I envy you for completing a year I also joined last year August but I had lot of other things to do that time I have since came back I will be needing support from everyone
Christene9 Premium
WA have a good support system Zanele and you only need to ask for advice. I am from KZN as well, feel free to send me a PM if you have questions.
wellzane Premium
Christene my word I am also from KZN I am so happy right now but will will talk later I will send a PM. It is so good to have someone from the same country and province at WA
jackiefleur Premium
Well done. It seems you accomplished a lot in a year. I hope I will be able to say the same in a few months. Congratulations.
Christene9 Premium
I am sure that you will make a lot of progress Jackie, the key is to keep focused on the training and implement it immediately, even if it is not perfect.
smile2day Premium
So ,Christine you focused all your attention on promoting WA without a website? I think maybe as a beginner that might be easier? I made a website and couldn.t even figure out how to go back and edit a few grammer mistakes , ugh!
Christene9 Premium
No, I did have a website from the start, actually had a few, but due to time issues I closed down a couple.

In the beginning, it is hard to figure out website development, but once you have learned the basics, it is not too complicated. The reason why I urge people to learn website development asap. If you have the skill to build websites you have overcome the biggest obstacle and you have more options like, creating websites for local businesses or managing websites for those who does not have the time.

Not that hard, you can do it if you put focus into it.