How Broad Should A Niche Be?

Last Update: April 04, 2016

Where should you aim, if you want to win?

There's a very good reason why the highest score comes from the tiniest circle.

And why it's the spot that the most ambitious players aim for.

Why should you make your niche as narrow as possible? Because you are trying to find customers. People who will spend money while on your site.

Those people ARE the bulls-eye. All the other rings on the board are tyre kickers, window shoppers, browsers, wasters.

What do you really want?

Do you want a ton of crap traffic? Or do you want an ounce of Pure Gold?

Your niche. Your site. Your choice.

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tomtitty006 Premium
Yes.You do have a point.
Battersea Premium
Good comment. There is definitely a tendency to want to go broad to get more traffic but quality traffic is what we need.
ChrisGooden Premium
There's also a tendency to waffle on about themes and fonts when there's no traffic to see it, rather than do something to actually get the traffic.
mackiejw Premium
I would give you 10 likes for this comment IF I could.

Kav Premium
I like the analogy.
joyweb Premium
Wise counsel.
eatandmove Premium
Really liking the picture giving the message.
Right on!