Do I Have To Upgrade To Make Money?

Last Update: May 02, 2016


You don't.

But you need to understand the critical difference between the "free" or "starter" membership and the "paid" or "Premium" membership.

They are not the same thing.


What you get with "Starter" membership is the seeds to grow a business.

We give you those for free, and we even cover the cost of renting the land for you to grow them on.

  • If you plant those seeds in fertile soil, then feed and water them, they will grow into crops that you can harvest
  • If you just throw them to one side, then sit and wait for money to fall from the sky, then crops won't happen.


Premium membership is fertiliser for the seeds.

You don't need it. The seeds will grow if you put them in good soil.

For sure, they will grow faster and stronger with fertiliser. But it's your decision whether or not to buy it, or if you think you can get it elsewhere.


We all hate being pushed to do something when we're not ready. I've been in your position and here's what I did

The truth is, you will NEVER be under any pressure to upgrade here. Premium is not the "thin edge of the wedge" - there are no other hidden levels waiting to sting you. The ONLY offer being made to you is a discount for an early decision.

Don't make the early decision, and don't accept the discount. Make your decision in your own timeframe.

Keep the free seeds. Tend them well. Be happy with the free crop. Buy fertiliser if you want bumper crops.


All too often I see people on very low incomes complaining that they can't afford to upgrade.

While that might be true I also see many people, from deprived parts of the world who are on ZERO income, grabbing the free stuff with both hands and making a huge success of it.

They focus on what they've got, not on what they haven't got, and that's what actually determines our level of success in life.

Even as a free member you can still benefit from the blogs posted by members that you follow, and the answers to questions raised by members, and the member websites themselves.

There is as much insight and training there as you'll find anywhere in the world.

It's ALL FREE and it's ALL PROFITABLE - if you put your mind to it.


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DGreene Premium
Thanks Chris
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Great info!!
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I love your analogy!!!!
bizdiva Premium
No you do not need to upgrade to make money but in other to maximize on all the resources that are available here you will need to upgrage
Maxiam59 Premium
I like your analogy to this all the best Max