5 Years Ago Today I Made My First Income Online

Last Update: May 09, 2018

Today, the 9th of May 2018 marks my 5 year anniversary from when I first made my first "dollar" online with affiliate marketing thanks to WA.

Actually, it was $0.84c and I've just remembered becasue I had published a blog post here on Wealthy Affiliate on this very same day in 2013.

What a journey this has been. Unbelievable.

I still remember the moment I opened up my Amazon Associates account and saw that I had made my first sale - it was an incredilbe feeling.

From then onwards, I kept building and learning and here I am today remembering that special occasion.

Times have changed since then and so has my business. I now own and run 3 niche websites and an ecommerce store that combined bring in enough income to be able to do this full time.

The money is ok, but the biggest benefit of this journey has been that I can say that I am my own boss - there is no greater feeling.

This is all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been a member here for many years and do not plan on leaving anytime soon.

The only goal that has eluded me so far is attending the WA Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas - I am getting closer and closer each year and I'm hoping I will be able to cross this off my list soon! :)

Still can't believe it's been 5 years!

Lost for words here.

Thank you all listening. Hope this helps inspire you some way or the other.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer.

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Defiant6 Premium
Wow, thank you for posting this and it shows the rest of us what is possible when the hard work is put in. That first sale the start of the snowball and it sounds like your snowball of income has definitely grown to allow you to do this full time. I have no doubts that you'll reach your goal of attending the WA Conference in Las Vegas.
Chris Lee Premium
Hopefully soon :)

Thank you for your kind words.
Kyle Premium Plus
Amazing Chris and thanks or sharing your story, it has been amazing to get to know you and work with you over the years. It is always exciting and very fulfilling to look back and self reflect as to the journey we have taken within the online world. Everyone's is different, which makes it even the more interesting.

I look forward to seeing what you achieve in the next 5 years and we definitely need to get you down to Vegas next year (or very soon!).

Onwards and upwards bro!
Chris Lee Premium
Hi Kyle. :)

Thank you for your encouraging words. Couldn't have done it without you.

See you in Vegas :)
SimonKE Premium
This was a great way to start my day. I have been self employed most of my adult life. My first business was owning a semi. I worked 70-90 hours a week, I traveled 1.7 million miles over 15 years and made enough money to live my desired lifestyle when I was not on the road, but I really was dissatisfied with my chosen profession.

I started looking for information and training in the online space in 2009. I understand the investment of both time and money it takes to start and run a business, so I did not have any unrealistic expectations. I was prepared to put all of my extra time into learning and spend the money on training with a goal of being able to transition out of trucking within a year or two of starting.

I was scammed several times and gave up. In 2014 I found my current business, franchise brokerage and I love it, but I still wanted to learn how to build an online business.

I found WA 2 years ago and passed because I could not tell what was true or false anymore. Back in January I decided to look at it again and realized what WA really is. Simply put WA is a hosting company with all of the tools needed and training to start, build and run an online business. Not a business in a box opportunity that boasts riches quick or at all.

Unfortunately many people that end up here still think that because they can start for free it won't cost anything to build a business and when they don't have results in 3 months they give up and call it a scam that doesn't work.

Your story is inspiring and shows the reality of self employment. Work hard, never give up and eventually you will have something that can support you financially and allow you to spend more time doing some of the things you love.

Thank you for sharing.

What a good story to hear . It has really increased my interest in this business . May I become successfully in this business too . May may goals be achieved before the end of this year 2018 . What was you secret at first?
SimonKE Premium
I never had a secrete, just a big enough WHY.

Know your WHY and write it down along with what you need to do to get there and follow your plan.
Chris Lee Premium
Thank you for your kind words Simon and well done on your journey as well.

Seems like you are in it to win and I can't wait to see you achieve great things here at WA!
Mark1957 Premium
Congrats to you Chris, for getting your first online income all those years ago, for creating and managing your sites, for sticking with WA for 5 years (I'm on nearly 3 and counting) and for living life on your own terms........all thanks to your experience here at WA.

A great inspiration to others, thanks for posting.

Chris Lee Premium
Awesome stuff Mark well done.

3 years is a long time as well so its clear you are here to make it happen.

I wish you all the best on your journey ark :)
scottyb2good Premium Plus
Five years for me too but I cannot boast success yet. I have gotten a few calls on my DJ site and I still do from working on that website. But I am on to other things and it's a slow move but I keep moving. Stay tuned....... Scotty B
P s. Know tou through Fiverr and the wife with that Fantastic accent. I believe I have the right Chris Lee ?
Chris Lee Premium
Scotty! :)

Yep that would be me, "Fiverr Chris" haha.

Glad to see some familiar faces in WA! Glad you're still around.
scottyb2good Premium Plus
yeah buddy likewise. Always good to see familiar faces..... Scotty B