Draft pick #1 on Google

Last Update: June 25, 2019

Number #1

I looked and I am number 1 on Google and 1 on Bing and 2 Yahoo. I am so proud of myself I could scream. YEAH!!!

More work ahead

4 months, 16 weeks,122 days in. What a milestone for me it truly is. In the past, I would've walked away by now but I am still here.

The truth is I haven't been pushing hard on my website. A lot of things have been going on in my personal life. Nonetheless, I am happy with this result for now. I am still not where I want to be with this. Lots of issue with my website that has not been resolved yet. However, I know I will eventually iron them out. Figuring out how to work smarter and not harder.

Looking towards that day

I am looking towards that day. You know that day I speak of, working for myself and not other people. If I knew back in high school what I know now, where would I be? I must succeed at what I set out to do with this website.

Yoda Talk

Working still, I am.
Keep it moving, I will.
Staying positive & Keeping my faith in the one who still sits on the throne & Being focused, I must!
Patting myself on the back, I did

Just saying.....
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Linda103 Premium
That's wonderful Cherry, congratulations.
Cherry21 Premium
Thank you dear. Warm regards.
SStubbins1 Premium
Cherry, so proud of you. Congratulations and keep it moving
Cherry21 Premium
Yes ma'am, I am going to keep it moving. Be Blessed.
CCelest Premium
Well done! I am glad to hear such results.
Cherry21 Premium
Thank you so kindly. Be Blessed.
Zikora Premium
Congrats! This is such a milestone, well worth celebrating. Thanks for sharing, its encouraging!
Wishing you the best onwards!
Cherry21 Premium
Thank you for your great words. Be Blessed.
EHR Premium Plus
Why am I not surprised you have done so well? Gene
Cherry21 Premium
Awww, Thank you kindly. Be Blessed.