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June 25, 2019
Number #1I looked and I am number 1 on Google and 1 on Bing and 2 Yahoo. I am so proud of myself I could scream. YEAH!!! More work ahead 4 months, 16 weeks,122 days in. What a milestone for me it truly is. In the past, I would've walked away by now but I am still here. The truth is I haven't been pushing hard on my website. A lot of things have been going on in my personal life. Nonetheless, I am happy with this result for now. I am still not where I want to be with this. Lots of issue with my
June 16, 2019
Life Lessons At 47, I have learned so many things. I am still learning, which I love. I must say a lot of my issues have been self-inflicted. Not intentionally, but through bad habits,bad choices or just not knowing. However, I always told myself I would share whatever I knew, so no one else would have to endure unnecssarily. So here we go:1. Watch what you focus on in your mind, because it will grow and get bigger2. Stop taking things so personally (It's not always about you)3. Always be humbl
June 11, 2019
Sub-nicheI want to add to my website a new sub-niche. If I do this, will it go through the same process as the first one? Meaning being index by google and then being ranked? Waiting for traffic to come?New websiteCan you have two websites with the same name? For instance: the main niche is fresh fruits and, and the first sub-niche is everything apple pies. The second website would be fresh fruits and, and the second sub-niche is everything Zucchini. Please feel free to respond. I significantly
Hey cuzWhat's up? I am talking to you, the person who is reading this. Thank you for accepting me into the family. You have walked with me and encouraged me. You have lifted me and push me forward. I want to say... I am glad we are both a part of WA family. You are like my cousin I see but not often and when we do come together we enjoy each other company.No whereWhere would I be without you? I have had great help from you. You have answered my questions, and you have given me great suggestions
May 30, 2019
15 Classes LeftI have been going to school off and on for the past 20 years. School has never really been my thing. I don't really care about Benjamin Franklin and Science. I just always thought that outside of English and Math what's the purpose of the rest.I decided to try my luck again, and it was determined I am a SENIOR. YESSS!!! I did not realize I have taken so many classes already.15 courses are all I need to complete my BS degree in Healthcare Administration.The BossI have been in th
May 26, 2019
EnjoyAs another holiday is upon us once again, it is time reflect and be in the present.I know people will be out driving from here to there or flying from here to there. Once again we will be rushing, rushing trying to get there and when it's over rushing trying to get back. I encourage all to enjoy the journey. Be present with your family.Have funAlthough I am not a holiday person because I don't need holidays to spend time with my family. I think while on this Memorial Day, no matter what yo
First Quater Over3 months, 12 weeks, 90 days I have been here. It has been tremendous but every changing. I am working hard and I think from this point on it should be getting better. Right? In the since Google should know me now me, Bing/Yahoo should be getting to know me.The time has flown by, and I cannot remember my life before this even though it was 90 days ago. I am so proud of myself, and although I have not made any money. It's all good because I have changed as a person. I can withsta
May 19, 2019
Teaching dailyDid you know that you are a teacher on a daily bases? Although you may not be an actual teacher or trainer for a company, you can show others what to do. When you teach one, two learn.As I am at an impasse in my life and my career, I got to thinking of what I've learned in my life. I began to realize that most of what I learned did not come from a single source. What I've learned I had to piece together bits and pieces of information to get the whole picture.Let's talk OEC Trainin
Believing myself moreI believe me way more than I believe you. No hard feeling but it true, I do. When I feel like I am getting frustrated and down I have to lift myself. It is those times that it really matter what I say to me. I forget sometime that I am a conquer in my life. I have quotes and saying that say to my self every day. I have to go to war with negative thoughts sometimes. I refuse to be beat.Saying I tell myself:Your limitations is only in your imaginationsSometimes later becomes
May 13, 2019
LearningHow do you learn? Do you even like to learn? It is a lot to absorb in such a short period . We hear all the time "stick to the training". You try to but sometimes even the training may not make sense. What do you do? You ask question, surely someone will respond to you.I just want to say to the newer people. Go at you own pace. Learn how you learn. If you need to go back over your lesson, then do that. I do. AND so do the people who has been for a long timeSoak up as much of your traini