Difference between boss and employee

Last Update: September 20, 2015

I read this from a Facebook sharing today. I translated the Chinese posting and share it here. It is educative and inspiring.

Mr T.M. Kuo is the founder of Foxconn, the largest contract manufacturer which makes every iPhone and iPad that we use. He is recognized as one of the wealthiest Chinese entrepreneurs in the world. In the Q&A session of a recent meeting with his staff, one of the design engineers within his company asked him,“Why is it always me who exhausted the effort, but only you can become the richest guy?”

Mr Kuo replied,”I can see that there are at least three major differences between you and me.”

“Firstly, thirty years ago, I invested every single penny that I owned to start Foxcon. If I failed, I would have lost every thing. You only joined Foxcon after you sent tens of resumes and ended up recruited.You can leave any time you want. But I can’t. There are hundreds of thousands of staff like you who bet their career in the company and I must be accountable for them. Employee and entrepreneur; this is our first difference.”

“Secondly, I started off my business by entering into the connectors market. Eventually I identified and selected the partnership with Apple as an opportunity and fought for it. You were selected to your current position based on your experience and qualification. Our second difference is : selected or be selected”.

“Thirdly, my mind and thinking revolves around the clock for one objective: how to make profit. Every of my decisions affects the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of employees’ families as well as the benefits of millions of shareholders who invest on Foxcon. You only need to care about when you can leave your work position on time everyday to take care of your family. The difference is: the weight and magnitude of our responsibilities.”

To conclude, our first step is imperative for success. Every decision we make on our way affects us. The difference between us and the bosses are they’ve done something we wouldn’t or wouldn’t dare to do.But they succeeded eventually.

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eurekafirma Premium
Thanks Cheng for sharing this with us all. My wife is chinese from Dalian. Yes she can envision such a incident. Have a nice weekend. Rudy & helen Wang Haynes.
kennick2015 Premium
That could not be nearer the truth CK. The three main points are exactly what the differences are between the boss and the employee.
Having co-founded two very large organizations over a period of 40 plus years i have had many an employee saying they wished they were in my shoes and on every occasion I would say "I wish you were too!" it's bloody hard work believe me.
MLozanova Premium
So true, Quite often the emplees see only the monetary rewards with being a manager or business owner, and do not envision the huge ammount of responsibilities, hard work and sleepless nights that come with it!
kennick2015 Premium
Exactly. There's a huge social responsibility attached to the job not only for the employee but their families too. And when you've had over 250 employees it's pretty demanding. Profit is very nice but it's also essential to be able to continue employing people.
BenORourke Premium
A great story, I have bookmarked it for future reference too.
nurseannie Premium
Thank you for sharing this. You are invaluable... AM
Hippychick Premium
This is a great story, thank you for sharing. Yes, 90% of success is mindset. As long as we persevere....we will succeed.