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Hello fellow WA's.

My wife Helen (52) and I (72) are the CEO's of EnControl Consultancy Inc.
dba Prime Technologies.
She is school teacher born in Dalian in P.R.O.CHINA, I have a degree in Marine Engineering educated in Kristiansand, Norway.

I am a retired Merchant Marine Chief Engineer, with over 35 years in the Norwegian Maritime Shipping Industry, I was born on the island of St.Vincent in the Caribbean.
Now my wife and I are living in Curacao for the past 18 plus years....

We have one son, Michael an MBA, now living and working in the EU, he is 28 years old. He is also one of our company Financial advisors, when at home.
We started this company on January 2001, we are based on the Caribbean Island of Curacao. Dutch Caribbean.

Our Business Portfolio:
1. Utility & Energy Conservation Equipment and Services.
2. Renewable Energy: VAWT, and Hybrid Solar/Wind systems.
3. Supply of Environmentally Friendly Commercial Equipment, Devices, and Machinery.
4. We are dedicated to the Procurement of Products and Equipment of the highest quality and strive to link traditional expertise and experience with new and innovative solutions and technologies to our customers and our community at large.

Business values:
We operate with a very high level of integrity. Besides that we seek creative solutions in partnership with our clients. We also believe in being profitable by providing valuable products, energy saving technologies & services, we value hard work and commit to world class standards of performance.

Prime Technologies Inc, is in the business of helping to improve the human condition by using technology to improve efficiency and reduce electrical energy waste and costs.
Saving our Customers money by offering: Electrical Energy Conservation Equipment & Energy Cost Reducing Technologies, Devices such as AutoMatic Capacitor Banks and Services.

Electrical system Auditing services, Lightning Protection Equipment & Services, 21st century Electro-Magnetic Grounding Equipment and latest Whole House Surge Protection Systems and devices. Power Factor Correcting Capacitors &
P. F. Control Equipment, Remote Electrical Power Metering Systems and Electrical Network Load Management & Monitoring Devices.
Humitech Humidity Control Filter Technologies for Fruit/Vegetable Coolers.
Electrical Installation Power: Recording, Analysis, & Auditing services. Renewable Energy, and Hybrid Solar/Wind alternative power supply systems.

On a private note:
With all the environmental changes in businesses around the world, and with new companies management ideas of those in charge has made our life unenjoyable and stressful sometimes.

We are now looking for a Business Model change, and after due-diligent researching I think I have found what I have been looking for.

And that is doing business ONLINE!

Well we are sort of a newbee at this!
We have tried a ton of all kinds of MLM/Network marketing/affiliate marketing websites offering to make money on line (with GROSS disappointments due to there upsales etc...) and we are looking forward to trying this WA biz-opp one and that it will actually work for us!

We are learning that: The single most powerful asset we have is actually our MIND and IF trained well it can create enormous Wealth. WA is an ONLINE business model and is supposed to help us reach one of our Goals.

I personally joined WA To Create a Life of Freedom so that my wife and myself will Live Life On our Own Terms with as little stress as possible .
We need to and MUST do what we can to supplement our "LOCAL" PENSION income soonest to be able to enjoy our OVERDUE retirement..asap.

So, there should be nothing in your path that is keeping you from doing so either.

I am looking forward to see how doing business ONLINE will change WA it's members and my / our life in a very positive way financially and for the Better!
I love fishing, baseball, football, martial Arts, yoga, affiliate marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, God, the UNIVERSE, Family & Friends.
Not necessarily in this order.

My wife and I like to connect with Positive Friends and are very active with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and other sites as well.
The links are on the internet to be found.

By the way, as mentioned above, we live on the Dutch Island of Curacao,
capital city: Willemstad, in the Caribbean.
If ever on a cruise...you are welcome to visit.

Thumbs UP & Never Give Up!
Enjoy the ride.......

Rudolph V. Haynes. CEO,(BSc. Mar/eng)
Mrs. Helen Wang Haiying Haynes.(CEO & CFO)
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You are welcome folks.
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