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Last Update: May 16, 2020

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OK, WA family experts, I am ready to recruit more referrals and have them upgrade to Premium so they can get all the training they need to be successful like we are. I am looking for all the ideas you have and how you have convinced people to join and upgrade.

Here are Things I Have Done.

  • Have posted ads on several social media outlets and had limited success and of course Facebook keeps killing my ads.
  • Created several types of WA product reviews and articles on my MMO site and I get plenty of readers, but not tons of sign ups.
  • Posted Black Friday articles on many social media outlets. No one seems to care how great that deal is.
  • Pinned multiple great articles and pictures with links on Pinterest.
  • I am posting on linked-in routinely in several affiliates and entrepreneur groups.
  • Have a social media scheduler that posts for me on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in on a consistent basis, all of my articles.

I am sure Have done much more, but you get the general idea. Have done a lot.

Have not done YouTube videos yet and I probably should get on that.

Have been doing these things for two years now so I am getting a bit frustrated that I haven't achieved many more sign-ups.

What Have You Done to Get Sign-ups at WA?

I would love to hear some out your amazing recruiting methods. I am dying to get to Vegas next year so help me and everyone else out to get there.

Looking forward to some great responses!

Have a great and SAFE day!

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    I'm not getting enough referrals to make the Super Affiliate conference yet, but I am getting about 200 referrals per month and my # of sales has ranged between 15-35 for almost one year now (most of which was without paid ads). If you're not getting referrals then some of my tips may help.

    It doesn't sound like the tactics you're using are wrong. You're writing blog posts, social posts, and promoting your posts in relevant groups. I couldn't tell about how often your publishing content, how many people are seeing what you're publishing, and how many people believe you can help them.

    For me, I'm publishing content quite often. I've been publishing no less than 8 posts per month and sometimes more than 30 posts. I've also been posting between 1 and 3 videos on Youtube per week. I also post frequently on Pinterest and share my content on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in. I primarily get traffic from search engine optimization and social media.

    You need to know how many impressions you're having on the platforms you're posting on. If you're posting a lot, but no one is seeing them, then it may be best for you to post on less places, so you can focus and get more impressions: the 80/20 rule.

    If you're getting a high number of impressions, but no one is taking action, then you may have to rethink the messaging and quality of what you're posting. You have to be believable, relatable, and help people to see how they'll be able to get a transformation from working with you. Your author voice, copywriting, or user experience may also be some things you want to look over if you're having visibility but no action.

    I wouldn't recommend you getting into paid ads if you're already getting visibility but having no conversions--that would just lead to more visibility, but not necessarily conversions. If you find you're content is high quality, but no one is seeing it, then paid ads could help, but I'd focus on optimizing to get better organic results first.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Very useful information Tiffany. I believe I am pretty well on top of all of this and I am in the process of updating all of my posts on both my sites. I will take this great information into consideration while I am updating them.


    You're welcome. If you're on top of all of this, you should be seeing results. We're both at the 2 year mark, so you can get results at this point in your journey. You might want to reach out to someone as a coach (even if you have to pay). Get someone who can look at your site and give direct and custom feedback.

    I have considered that. I may have Neil Patel look at it but that is going to cost me.

    Sorry to but in on conversation but great advice thanks


    Neil Patel? Why not a super affiliate or someone who is doing what you want to do?

    Neil is the super affiliate.

    Hire him if that’s what you think would work. I wouldn’t. I’d focus on hiring people more relevant to what I’m trying to do, but that’s me.

    Thanks but he is relevant to anything to do with internet and affiliate marketing. I follow him so I may be a bit biased. I know he could help with my sites and SEO and that kind of thing. But you are probably right about using someone that is more WA specific, thus this post. I will figure it all out eventually.

    Hi - I imagine that Neil Patel himself would be unlikely to look at an individual's website. He works with multinational companies and charges up to $40,000 just to speak for an hour at an event.

    I was pretty sure he was at that price range also and I've never heard him reviewing individual websites. He has an agency that offers services, but I'd bet, he's not the one managing the projects within the agency. He's probably providing oversight, but not the nuts and bolts of each project.

    Hi Tiffany - his agency apparently has over 100 staff, so I imagine they do all the groundwork. I do follow his blog posts, but as you said, the successful members here will have more of an understanding of the particular needs of a WA site.

    I follow him too, but we're on the same page, the people who are successful as WA affiliates would be most relevant in terms of telling others how to be successful making WA sales.

    I just did his analysis for free and I will look at suggestions.

    Hi - I managed to access your site on PC, after finding it not to be mobile-friendly, and you only appear to have 40 posts in the space of 2 years, with gaps of several months between some of them. If you had followed the recommended minimum of at least 2 posts per week every week, you should have over 200 by now. I hope you pay attention to the great advice you have received here from other members.

    That site has been my secondary focus to my first nice site where I have much more content. I am updating all my content for both sites right now and then I will go back to adding more on my second site for sure. This pandemic thing has definitely slowed me down as well but working on getting past that.

    Brilliant information and advice Tiffany, much appreciated


    Thanks Jennifer!

    I am only beginning my journey One thing I do notice is that a lot of the review sites are quite similar. You have to bring your own unique style to it. I would push the "FREE" opportunity to try out WA. Also the fantastic support structure and its speed of reply. I have often waited for 24 to 48 hours to get an answer from similar platforms. After 2 years work you should be making good progress. Hope this helps.

    I agree. I've definitely tried my best to carve out things that would differentiate my site from others in the niche. I agree that's important to have your own unique angle and approach.

    The "try before you buy" is an amazing offer, so you're right, that's definitely something to push. At two years, you can be full-time or more if you play the cards right. I agree there too.

    Great points.



    Thanks Bruce! I appreciate that.

    Great answer, I definitely had the same questions as Chender ;-)
    From what amount of website impressions can you say that you're getting good traffic? How many K, more or less? Just to have an idea :-)


    You are welcome.


    I don’t think there’s one flat answer to that. It varies with product price, retention, and other metrics. You can possibly do more with less than I have, but for me, I’m around 2.4 million impressions on my Google console and an avg ranking position of 24.4; not counting Bing, Yahoo, social media, or ads (when I run them).

    Oh wow, I still have some way to go. I have about 8.7 K on my first website (which looks like peanuts compared to you, lol), but it is rising :-)

    I didn’t start here so keep going.

    I will :-)
    Have a great day!

    You too!

    You provided a sound response to a very good question. I could have been the one who made this post too.

    By the way, I applaud you on the results you are already getting. Of course the name of the game is to make continuous improvement. And that is where you are focused on. If I had half the results you are getting I would be over the moon. Hence I will be taking your advice very seriously.

    Thanks for your great advice.

    Cheers Tiffany.


    Me too and I did.

    Thanks Edwin! You're right, you just keep getting better and better if you're willing to push yourself.

    Thank You

    I’m glad!

    Hi Curtis,

    When I read your post I felt that it could be me who wrote it ha! December will make two years for me and I have yet to get the results I seek.

    Tiffany gave you some fantastic advice that spoke to my situation too.

    Anyway, here is my two cents worth. My mentor on WA who is a six figure earner from Australia, advised me to stay focus on just a few things and learn to do them really well. For example, pick just one social media type to work on. It may take trying out a few to find out what works best. Use the analytics to confirm which one it is. Then go all out to learn what other successful members do using that outlet.

    The most important activity I should do is to keep writing great content. Check out the content of other successful affiliate marketers and learn how they are doing it. From that I should develop my own unique style. But it makes good sense to incorporate the principles they use. And off course, use Jay's lessons on using great SEO practices in every post.

    Another key lesson I learned is how your website is constructed. My mentor saw mine that I had a very large heading picture. He told me that will prevent a visitor for seeing the first paragraph of my content without scrolling down. It is amazing how many visitors will NOT do that. Instead they will move on to something else. It is the content that matters, not pretty pictures that people want. Of course, use pictures but where it supports the message of the article.

    Finally, he told me not to use paid ads until my articles resonated with my visitors sufficiently to get sales. Otherrwise you will be wasting your money. And that means waiting till you have at least 100 articles posted. I only have 65, so ways to go.

    All of this leads to running your business from the perspective of providing solutions to your visitors. Just because WA is such a great deal, it will make no difference if that is all you are relying on to get referrals. It was only after I had written 40 posts that it dawned on me that if I came across my posts through a search, I would not pay much attention to what I was saying. So I made some changes.

    After doing that I noticed my traffic increasing. Not enough to get sales but moving in the right direction.

    My job is to stay focused and write those three posts a week that is such a challenge for me. The most I can usually write is about three every two weeks. I have ways to go.

    It is OK to feel frustrated. We all do. However, you are doing the right thing in asking for help. Most members will just give up. I commend you for taking this action.

    I will be reading the responses you will be receiving because I know I will pick up tips that can help me too. SO thanks for writing this post Curtis.

    All the best to you.


    Great advice Edwin!

    Thank you, Edwin. I appreciate everything you said.

    I have also been wondering about that. My WA site, though, still has a tiny amount of impressions, so it's soon to judge my website, but still, I would like to know what else can be done. I have also done most of what you listed here, except for the scheduled social posts.
    TDomena has a brilliant answer. :-)

    Hello Curtis,

    Thank you for your very honest and interesting blog post, there are some interesting answers here.

    I believe the best thing you can do is to write frequently and make YouTube videos alongside your blog posts. I'm not actively promoting Wealthy Affiliate, however, I have other products that I promote and the principle seems to work.

    Wishing you all the best.


    Great information Roy much appreciated


    Thank you Jennifer. Tiffany also has some good tips below.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Jennifer.


    I am right with you Roy. I need to get on the Youtube bandwagon and I will.

    You are welcome Roy

    Yes I have already Read Tiffany's thanks


    That's good Jennifer, have a wonderful day.


    Have a great week and stay safe

    Here's to making it happen in 2020 and beyond


    I went to your site and have one suggestion--create more content consistently. You have 3 posts from February, but the latest before that appears to be November and September of last year.

    I've had periods over the last couple of years where I wasn't able to post consistently, and there was definitely a downturn in my traffic after a couple of months.

    Now whenever I have too much going on to create as much content as I would like, I go back to old posts, refresh them, and then republish.

    I hope this helps--good luck!


    Yes, I have been doing other things on both my sites. I am updating all my content right now and then I will be back to writing new articles. I have several queued up.

    If you're having limited success, I recommend shaking things up.

    For starters, find out WHY your ads don't convert.

    Are they congruent with your WA offer? Are you sending traffic to your review or directly to a WA affiliate link?

    Kyle's Bing ads training has some golden nuggets ;)

    Also, WHY are your blog readers not converting?

    Are your reviews based around "affiliate marketing" products or MLMs and survey sites etc?

    Are you sending blog visitors to your main WA affiliate link or a custom WA link?

    Keep asking yourself WHY nothing converts and continuously test different strategies until you find the winning combination.

    Also try and build a brand on Reddit and Quora, they're great platforms that can generate you some nice targeted blog traffic.

    Thanks for the suggestions, Neil. I will make sure I am doing them all, but I am pretty sure I am. I went through the same training here.

    I have gone through the Bing ad training.

    I send traffic to multiple possible EA offers, depending on the article.

    I am sending a lot of people to WA through my different methods, including my blog posts. Isn't it up to WA to then convert them once they are here checking things out?

    I use Quora and Reddit. I enjoy asking and answering questions on Quora. Pinterest is one of my favorite social media outlets right now and I get many thousands of visits there.

    You'e welcome!

    YUP, WA makes the sale.

    But it's your job to give folks the info they need beford they land on your affiliate link.

    Looking through some of your blog posts, you're sending visitots diriectly to your affiliate link instead of your WA review.

    Replacing those links with your review can make the world of difference.

    I also see that you have some MLM reviews, so start writing more reviews around affiliate marketing products and services. There's a ton of them out there on Clickbank and JVZoo.

    You can even do "best of" posts on affiliate marketing books, forums, website builders, training platforms, etc, and send visitors to WA that way.

    There are plenty of directions.

    Finally, I'd recomemnd removing your WA affiliate banner from the top of your posts because you're selling to folks right off the bat - when value must come first.

    Hope this helps.

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