Just Went Annual

Last Update: August 04, 2014

I recently upgraded to paying my Premium membership annually. And I'm so glad I did, for two reasons:

1. I saved myself a heap of cash. The $352 it cost to upgrade (less the $19 Introductory membership fee) works out to around $29 per month. The pay-by-the-month option is $49. So I've saved myself $236!

2. By going annual, I received a bonus video from Kyle. This is an overview explaining how to get my business fully established - from day 1 to fully monetising my website. I believe the value of that video itself is worth way more that the $352 I paid.

So if you haven't upgraded yet, don't leave it any longer!


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mrpeter Premium
It makes sense if you're planning on sticking around for at least a year, and to be fair everyone should to do it justice. Good move!
Kyle Premium
Congrats on going yearly Peter and I am really glad you enjoyed the video. :) I really do look forward to working with you in the year ahead!
RussStewart Premium
Well Done Peter,

It's certainly the best option.....
Jenna7 Premium
Welcome to yearly! It is pretty great at the savings you get, and how much you get in return. :)
Mustard seed Premium
That was a wise decisions. All the best to you as you journey onward.