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Last Update: April 13, 2014

When I first came into Wealthy Affiliate, I was attracted to the possibility of making money, the freedom of becoming my own boss and being able to have and expand a business. But when I picked my niche, created my website and started to build content (that I am passionate about), my priorities changed.

I am now more interested and focus on giving good information, resources and connecting with people for personal reasons to build relationships and networking to expand.

So I been stuck, because it seems, I was just following the training just to get through the courses and say "I have done it" and that is not where my heart is today.

I am happy that I have succeeded in completing the courses because of course I need the training, but that making money is no longer my only reason for being here.

I am really passionate about the niche I have chosen and my expectation for expanding and growing this business is evolving and I have a burning desire to do more.

I had to really sit still and ask myself, "What do I want for my business, the audience that follows it and what is the ultimate goal?"

I am no longer here to just make money. I know that will come. I am now looking for ways to serve a purpose and make a difference in this world.

My focus has shifted, my heart has softened and GOD is leading me in a different direction than the one I was aiming for when I first started.

I know that every provision HE has recently given me, will come to pass. And I must trust HIM and follow HIS lead.

I'm on my way WA :)

In the next three years, the provisions will come to life!!!

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Trialynn Premium
Happy that you have had this revelation and recognized that sometimes things change along the way, and it can certainly be for the better!
CharlotteH39 Premium
Yes trailynn, things do change and it's important to be flexible and willing to accept whatever changes come our way, (if they are for the better)
g2G8850 Premium
Our faith sustains and provides. Your words ring true and if you follow them you will succeed. Let HIS will be done!
TravelHacker Premium
This sounds so much like my story!

In a way, making a business of my passion is my ultimate goal because I don't want to be stuck in a 9-5 job. However, I'm ok if the process takes longer than I initially planned because I'm actually excited with the niche I'm working with and how it's all working out...

Best of luck to us both :-)

~ Stephanie
CharlotteH39 Premium
Thats exactly right stephanie. If I'm in just for the money then i'm working a 9-5. I'm passionate about what i am doing, so i dont mind if things move slow. If I find myself struggling with finances, I will get a side hustle, which i am already planning to put together :)

Best of luck to you stephanie. i can not wait to see your outcome!!!
gracesystem Premium
Keep hope alive Charlotte, continue to do your research, and have faith. The Lord Jesus needs our faith in order to work on our behalf, without Faith it is impossible to please God.
jjohnson777 Premium
Trust in God. Everyone told me not to and take disability. Thankfully I stubborn I make every day or two what disability would of paid me. But of course it took 3-4 years. But I never lost faith in God.
CharlotteH39 Premium
Thank you jjohnson for the word. That is very inspirational :)