Re-thinking is over thinking

Last Update: March 18, 2014

Since I been a wealthy affiliate member, (now for 21 days) I have learned that re-thinking is over thinking and time wasted.

In my time here, I have put in an estimated 200 hours. I'm usually logged in for 10-12hrs a day, with on and off activity throughout the whole day.

In that time I have actually realized that, I was wasting a lot of time doing way too much thinking, analyzing, researching and trying to PER-FECT my site.

I was reminded of Kyle's words "this is my first website and more than likely won't be my last..."

Now I have gained some really good advantages in all my time spent with WA thus far. I have come across some really wonderful people, had personal conversations with some and gained a heck of a lot of knowledge from some of the WA members and through my own attempts to find resources.

But, I really do believe that I would be further in my progress if I had not done so much re-thinking and over thinking.

Last night I spent 5hrs straight trying to complete one task and the reason I spent so much time on it was because I kept re-thinking and over thinking the situation.

re-thinking and over thinking is the result of doubt!!!!

No more of that for me. THIS IS MY FIRST BUT SURELY NOT MY LAST WEBSITE and I will no longer spend too much time trying to PER-FECT my first website and doubting my potential.

My new goal for this week is to refresh my mind and refocus my thought process by taking a 24hr break from WA, and I WON'T RE-THINK that decision!

Toodles WA :)

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g2G8850 Premium
Hip Hip Hooray!! Reading your previous blogs, I was concerned that you may have been over extending yourself. I didn't mention it because different people work at different paces. Glad to see you slow down a bit and rest. That is just as important as your work ethic. You will truly be successful in your endeavors. I wish you only the best.
CharlotteH39 Premium
actually, I have been over the top, non-stop 7days a week for 21days :o
But I was enlightened last night. I was reminded of my real reason for doing this and during my consistent work (lol) I lost sight of that. So im refreshing and regrouping my priorities.
Thank you for your reply and concern!!!
CathyS Premium
Yep - totally have been there. See you in 24! :-)
CharlotteH39 Premium
yea, thats 24hr starting at 12am tonight...hahaha (WA addict)
Trialynn Premium
Great to see you have made a decision!
CharlotteH39 Premium
thanks trailynn
Damien Lane Premium
Hi Charlotte,
I like the rhythm in your writing.
In this post, you have hit on an interesting entrepreneurial trap, which is; that perfectionism is interchangeable with procrastination.

Yes, quality content certainly matters, of course. Though, the emotion conveyed is going to engage your reader much more than correcting 'technical' issues to make them (say) ~ 10% better said/better looking etc.

Of course, this is only generally speaking, if your target audience are Harvard English professors, you had better get your spelling checked ;)
Good read here Charlotte,
thank you,
CharlotteH39 Premium
Yes trying to aim for perfection not only wastes time but can leave you in distress, (as least me). It's a blessing and curse; while aiming for perfection is good, (at least in the corporate world) it can also be such a distract that you miss ya mark.

hahaha, yea, i'm no English pro, wouldnt dare attempt to target any of the
Thanks for the reply :)
nomda ploom Premium
oh the joys- we have all been there, are there, or will be there- you have got a grip on things, by the looks of it- Andy
CharlotteH39 Premium
I'm trying Andy, thanks to wonderful people like yourself :)