Issue With SiteComments - Anyone Experiencing This?

Last Update: July 16, 2019

So this is the third time today I've been trying to post a comment with SiteComments, but it wouldn't let me through. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Has the WA team look into fixing the issue?

Thank you

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akolipenouko Premium
I'm rather having problems with Help. None of the messages I sent them was delivered. Anybody experiencing this issue too.
Kyle Premium Plus
We will investigate this from our end. Let us know if this problem persists moving forward.
PaulBoudreau Premium
I had the same thing happen to me twice.
Thanks for looking into this, Kyle.
Carson2 Premium
Mine is working now. A problem earlier.
StPaul Premium
Yes, I am facing the same. It occurred to me 5 times so for today I stopped commenting for today. I know for sure they will fix it and I will try tomorrow.
RAFStuart Premium
Not yet, it often has a little man on a scooter so no more comments.