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So this is the third time today I've been trying to post a comment with SiteComments, but it wouldn't let me through. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Has the WA team look into fixing the issue? Thank you
Seeing that we are all entrepreneurs here in WA, I am gathering some information to create a page for my website - - through the question below. You don’t have to disclose anything personal that you are not comfortable with. I only ask for sincere and general comments to build some content on this idea. I don’t have a title yet but when I get it publish, I will let each of you know. The question is; If you have the chance to turn back the clock, what are your advice or
February 12, 2014
I am nearly 4 weeks old in WA and today I upgraded to yearly Premium. I know I will need to be part of this community if I want to steer my future to a brighter direction. I have wasted so much time and money on things that never work. This round, I want to redeem for all that I have lost. Well, not all is lost, because I have gained more confidence and faith in myself. That - no one can take away from me. Interestingly, I said a small prayer end of last year, asking for someone or some opport