This Is Why You Should STOP Blogging (I Won An iPad And An Interview!)

Last Update: Feb 8, 2023

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I Do Not Talk About Money

1. I hold a quiet belief that if you are in this game for the money only, you are in it for the wrong reason.

2. What someone earns is private and confidential. I respect that.

3. If I can only trust you because you "show me the money" then, "Houston, we have a problem."

I do not discuss my money details, except to say that, thanks to what I learn in Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and other online communities, I have been consistently earning a 5-digit income.

But . . . not from Content & Affiliate Marketing. I only recently started to master these skills.

Many Ways To Earn Income

As I have shared before, there are MANY ways to earn income online and MANY ways to grow your online business.

In 2022, I expanded my Coaching Business.

In October 2022, I invested in Eben Pagan's Virtual Coaching Program.

It wasn't a cheap investment but it was less than my reinvestment allocation from my 2022 profits.

Every year, I put aside some of my earnings for my learning and development.

It is from some of the Marketing and Promotion lessons from Eben's program that I have been learning how to master LinkedIn for my professional firm.

In January 2023, I have earned more than enough to cover my investment of USD $3,000.00 in Eben's program.

Just like my investment in WA, it has paid for itself and is earning me additional income.

Here's what happened recently.

Going Crazy On LinkedIn

I have been sharing how strategic I have been with LinkedIn and some of the successes I have been enjoying there.

One platform, strategically managed.

Yesterday, I posted this in one of the LinkedIn Groups that I am a member of:

I asked a simple question, shared a simple graphic (created using Canva) and left it.

Over 8.800 Impressions,
Over 113 Reactions and,
12 Comments later,

I have two (2) new group coaching Clients that will strengthening my 5-digit earnings for 2023.

Of course, I had already built some credibility in the group by sharing, asking questions and commenting - exactly what we are taught to do her in WA.

I Won An iPad!

Also yesterday, after sharing how I was implementing what I was learning and the results I have been enjoying since starting the Virtual Coach program, I was selected as the 'Speed of Implementation' winner for last week.

The prize is a new iPad and an interview with Eben Pagan!

A new iPad is about USD $250.00 to $300.00. I already have one but a new one will come in handy with all the upgrades, etc. I will use it to support my You Tube efforts.

The interview with Eben Pagan is what I consider to be the icing on the cake.

This will certainly help me with my Marketing and Promotion and help me to scale my coaching business even more.

This year, I am going for 6 figures.

STOP Blogging!

I repeat: I do not have a lot of content around BUT I make sure that I work the content that I do have.

It is repurposed, turned into graphics, promoted on strategic platforms and in carefully selected groups.

When appropriate, I share it with my comments to build engagement and expand my connections.

In the communities that matter to me and are important for my business, I am known as someone who serves, shares and supports.

Whether it is your website, your Social Media or the communities that you are a member of, if you are not known, seen and appreciated, it may be time to Change Your Script!


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Recent Comments


Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for your blog post, as always, it's appreciated.

I think it's fantastic that you have been documenting your story since you joined Wealthy Affiliate. It's great to watch people grow and we can all learn so much from it. I know that you have been working extremely hard and trying to make the most of everything, including the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Congratulations on all your achievements, Cassi, you have invested well and now you are starting to reap the rewards! It's great that you're also using LinkedIn, I'm particularly interested in that as I am using LinkedIn a lot more now. It's always interesting to see how people leverage certain platforms.

It's also interesting how people respond to graphics; maybe it's something that I need to use more. I have always been a reader since a child, so graphics don't mean quite so much to me. However, it appears that a lot of people like graphics, especially when we look at platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Wishing you continued success.


Graphics and authenticity seem to work well for me, Roy.

And, I am enjoying LinkedIn.
some good benefits, so far.


Thank you Cassi.

It's always interesting to see what works for people.

Yes, LinkedIn is a good and solid platform; I'm glad you are benefiting from the platform.

Have a great day.


You are welcome, Roy.

Have a good FriSatSu.


Thank you, and you too!


Have a great week, Roy!


Hi Cassi,

Firstly, congrats on the success you have achieved in multiple areas.

Secondly, your suggestion about making the most of the posts you already have can be more effective than just adding more.

Thirdly, it is the way you engage with individuals who are looking for answers that is a good lesson to learn.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful lessons. The most important takeaway is to invest inn oneself using the profits you already make.



You are welcome, Edwin.

These are all very good points and show that we do have to beat around the bush, as they say.
Also, you must continue to be consistent with your efforts and, if they are not bringing the results that you want, Change Your Script! 🙂

Thank you for your feedback and support.


Cassie, congratulations on the winning the iPad and all of your other successes. One could argue that there was a bit of luck involved with the iPad. However every thing else you have accomplished has been result of your dedication, work ethic, willingness to learn and of course your service to others.

Thank you for reminding everyone of the different possibilities that are available.

"dedication, work ethic, willingness to learn and of course your service to others" were all contributors to that win, Sondra.

It took 3 months to get to the point of recognition.
Perhaps, the Gods were very kind to me. 🤔

Thank you for your kind words.


You rock!

Hey, I apologize for reading too fast and missing the requirements to “win” the iPad.

Though I do believe the harder we work, the luckier we get….

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, Sondra.

Absolutely no need to apologise.
You are correct in a sense.

Thank you.

Congratulations, Cassi! If anyone wonders what an Entrepreneur is, they should look at you.

What immediately comes to mind here is the code of Bushido and The 10 Virtues of A Practitioner of the Shaolin Arts. You are the personification of both in everything you do.

The interview with Eban Pagan will be an interesting one. I got into his program at the beginning of the year, and it is very good from what I saw during the 30-day trial.

LinkedIn is a great platform that I have plans for this year.

Regarding what you mention about "showing me the money" goes for my ethics too.

Keep crushing it, Cassi 💪😃


Roy, you know something?

I took this turn on my journey largely because of you and your support.

In 2021, I invested in Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's challenge.
You sent me one of their promotional links.

It was one of the best decisions I made that year.
And, I also invested in their Mastermind platform for my virtual training programs.
(More about that another time.)

I got 2 additional bonuses that I have used.
1. A "free" trial with Eben and his wife, Annie and.
2. "Free" podcast training with Steve Olster.

Last year, I chose to invest in their Virtual Coach training and, as they say, the results speak for themselves.

There is so much available to us for achieving success.
SO much!

Again, thank you!!! 🤗


And the thanks go back to you as well. Your journey and how you share it with all of us have made me get back "in line" on the track I originally set out to follow back in March 2020 when I joined WA.

As a consequence, I have a clear plan to follow, written down, and I am working on it every single day of the week.

Eben´s training is good. I still got access to another 6 of his courses and am working my way through them, bit by bit.


This is awesome Cassie! Fantastic news!
You obviously deserve it - and you inspire us all to keep on keeping on!
I'm a bit ignorant of LinkedIn as I don't know anything about it and I've avoided it because I thought - if I haven't mastered fb and Instagram how will I master another one? Would you recommend it over FB & Inst or do you use it as well as those?
I see you did a course to get good at it, so that's probably the answer to my question!

You're doing amazing whatever it is!

All the best,

Hi Soraya,

In my humble opinion, each Social Media platform appeals to a very different audience.

Instagram for the younger, hipper folks.
LinkedIn for professionals and businesses.
Facebook for more Baby Boomers and older GenXers.
Pinterest definitely more female and inspirational.

It really depends on how (and where) you want to position your Niche.

I prefer to learn and understand while I play around and experiment.
That strategy is working well for me thus far.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.

Thank you Cassi,
Yes, that makes total sense.
Soraya :-)

You are welcome, Soraya.

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