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Last Update: Jul 19, 2022

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It is so hard to contain my excitement!!!

Bear with me, please.

33 Months At Wealthy Affiliate

I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA), in early October 2019. There was no hesitating. I jumped right into the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Course and got down to business.


Yes, we are taught to be Content & Affiliate Marketers here BUT, along the way, I realised that there were some hidden gems. These gems turned out to be very profitable for me, fairly quickly.

There was also a burning desire to move away from traditional corporate and build a mobile, self-funded lifestyle, on my terms.

By Year 2, I had tasted the sweetness of a 5-figure, diversified income stream.

Thanks to the success coming from transitioning my consulting firm, I can now smell 6 figures around the corner.

Simple Blogging And Training

As I shared a few times, my short-term model was different to what we are taught in WA. That just goes to show how diverse the potential and opportunities are here.

  • Follow the training.
  • Digest the training.
  • Practice the training.
  • Repeat.
  • Repeat.
  • Repeat.

That has been my model and it works for me. I have just started going through the OEC - again! This will be my 6th turnaround.

The Queen, The Prince And LinkedIn

Somewhere along this journey, as I struggled with a few things, the Queen (DianeScorpio) and the Prince (ParthaB) appeared on their white horses. They did not only share their knowledge, they SHOWED us HOW to do it.

I have devoured everything the Prince has written and created my own workbook as my guide. His Potions became my play tools and provide more fun than I can handle.

I also stalk them both a lot in Live Chat. No apologies there.

The final link was my periodic posting on LinkedIn. No selling or canvassing for business. I simply choose one of my website's posts and I share it on LinkedIn.

There is encouragement and feedback from LinkedIn too and I tend to lean on that sometimes.


From sharing these posts on LinkedIn, I have been able to receive many business enquiries and close a few Client engagements. These successes are helping to move my consulting firm so close to 6-figure revenue that I can now smell it.

Find What Works For You And Be Consistent

That is the simple lesson here.

Every day, WA members share their successes. Take Lisa (LMH1968) who felt like giving up on many occasions. She didn't though. She pushed through, frustration and all.

Today she is happy to share about her YouTube Shock, with only 56 YouTube videos.

Take the time to find YOUR strengths and discover what works for YOU.

Be consistent with your efforts and keep pushing through.

Success will come.


Recent Comments


Hi Cassi. I am so happy for you, and so impressed with your work. I remember when you started here. I was impressed then. You had many exciting ideas, and you were already on a tear. That's about when I lost a year, selling our house and moving to a new city. Anyway, I am grateful to have reconnected and now to explore your previous posts/advice and to watch your success path moving forward, which you describe very well.

Donna, it is feedback and encouragement from our WA members like yourself that has helped me to be positioned where I am today.

I could not have achieved any of this on my own and I am proud to say that.

Thank you for your kindness and I wish you much success also.


Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for another informative and encouraging blog post, it's appreciated.

It's amazing that you have been on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for 33 months! Although in some ways, it seems like you have been here longer, I guess that is because you have been active in taking action since day one!

I am with you 100%, I like the simplicity of your blog post. I believe that one of the reasons you are successful is that you have not overcomplicated the process of Internet marketing. You have simply followed the training, taken action and repeated the process as your bullet points rightly say!

It's great that you have been helped by other members, as I believe we can all learn so much from others. I also believe and I have mentioned before, that LinkedIn is a very powerful but underused and estimated business platform.

And finally and as you mention, consistency is key as always, something that I'm not particularly good at. The reason is that my off-line business sometimes takes over, however, we have to keep pushing forward.

Wishing you a great day.


Good day, Roy.

Your comments resonate with me, especially when you mention the battle between online and offline.

I still do some offline and am working towards doing now at all.
The resources I put online for the returns I receive are far more than what I can achieve online.

Keep at it.
Soon the model will shift for you.

Thank you for always supporting me.

Good morning Cassi,

Thank you, Cassi; I do appreciate your response. It's great that there are so many like-minded people on Wealthy Affiliate who we can communicate with.

I understand where you're coming from; the power of the Internet never fails to amaze me! I find it absolutely amazing that we can virtually reach the whole world when we utilise the power of the Internet! I appreciate that it's not quite as easy as that. However, we can certainly grow our online presence and reach a terrific amount of people!

I agree with you, we have to keep moving forward and eventually, things will happen big time. I'm thankful that I can really see the power and potential of the Internet!

It's always a pleasure to read your blog posts, Cassi.

Have a great day.


Great to have good practical advice from someone who walks the walk.

Thank you, Maurice.

Wonderful advice and results, Cassi. I totally second your comments about Partha and Diane.

They are GREAT, Phil.

Thank you.

Wow. Great job. Looking forward to future numbers like that.

Thank you, Marvin.

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