It DOES Get EASIER - 10 Days, 700 Clicks - Thank You Google!

Last Update: Feb 7, 2023

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Social Saturday On Linkedin

UPDATED: 7 February 2023

A very important message this Saturday evening.

Zafirah is off to the movies with friends and I am in Starbucks, doing some socializing and growing my network.

The joy of working anywhere, anytime. 🙂

Email From Google

While enjoying my LinkedIn social, in comes a message from Google.

See that?

700 clicks in 28 days!

I was taken aback because only 10 days ago, on 25 January 2023, I got a similar message from Google saying I had reached 600 clicks in 28 days.

It has taken me just 10 days to get 100 more clicks.
10 days!

At this rate, I will hit 1,000 clicks soon.

Google Search Traffic

Traffic on this website is now averaging 15.5K Impressions each month.

A quick look for the past 90 days shows me that my growth is steady and consistent.

My goal is 50K Clicks (Sessions) monthly so I can monetize the website with Mediavine.

I know that I will get there in time, with continued consistent effort.

The Message

This is a very difficult niche and slow to get established and build traffic.

I chose to invest time and energy into it to support my professional firm and brand and to learn. If I can succeed with this niche, everything else will be easy peasy.

Prince Partha's Potions helped me A LOT!

The message this evening is simple.

You have to be committed and consistent to succeed. Not only with your online business but with anything that you are doing in life.

If you are not being consistent, make sure that you Change Your Script!


Thank you to Diane (DianeScorpio), Jovo (jvranjes) and Remit (RemitLimited) for their corrections and clarifications.

A BIG help!

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Recent Comments


Please help me understand what you are saying here. The graph shows that you have average 600 traffic per month in the 3-month period. But you are saying it averages 15500 per month.

On the other hand the screenshot shows 700 clicks in the last 28 days so this is the number of visitors that came from Google and it is consistent with the graph.

Confused as usual.

Hi Jovo,

Some excellent questions there.

1. The bottom graph shows my cumulative and progressive traffic growth over the past 3 months.

2. While the average is 12,333 per month, I achieved over 14K in December 2022 and over 15K in January 2023.

3. The same applies to 'Total Clicks'. The 1.8K is cumulative (average 600 per month) for the past 3 months. I achieved 700 Clicks (actual) in 28 days, yesterday.

Impressions and Clicks are different.

Impressions - how many people "see" your content.

Clicks - how many people actually click through your content.

Hope this helps.


I am afraid I am getting even more confused.

Your total clicks from the graph are the traffic from Google and this is 1800 in the last three months. So how can this traffic be 14k in December and 15k in January? The graph says that traffic in those two months was around 1200 in total.

The traffic number is the number of clicks your snippets received in SERPs.

It seems that you mixed impressions and traffic/clicks.

I am sure I am annoying you. If so, you can simply delete my comments here.

Cassi I think you are confusing clicks and impressions, your average is 12,333 impressions per month not clicks.

Clicks are the actual visitors to your website. Impressions are just when your website appears in the search results, but people don't click through.

So your website is appearing in the search results 37k times, but people are only visiting it 1.8k times.

So to achieve your goal of getting into Mediavine you would need 50k clicks per month, not impressions.

Hi Cassi - congratulations, but I do have to agree with Jovo and Remit.

Impressions are when somebody searches for a keyword, and Google determines that one of your posts matches that query.

So, your post will show up in the search engine results.

But unless they actually click on your post to go and read it on your website, it doesn't really count for anything.

So, over the last three months, Google has included your posts in its results over 37,000 times.

But only 1,800 people clicked on one of your posts and actually went to your website.

Which ties in with your figure of 600 to 700 clicks per month.

Mediavine requires 50,000 sessions, not impressions, in the last 30 days to qualify.

So, unfortunately, as you can see, it's a very long way from 700 to 50,000.

I have no doubt you will make it, but not anytime soon!

Aahhhhhh . . . now that makes a whole lot more sense, Queen Diane and clears up all my confusion.

Click-throughs NOT Impressions!

I will get there. :-)

Thank you!

Hi, Remit.

Thanks to you, Queen Diane and Jovo, things are a lot clearer now.

You are correct. :-)


Hi, Jovo.

There is no need for me to delete the comments at all.
Your persistence has provided MUCH greater clarity for me at this stage of building my website's content and I appreciate it.

My sincere thanks to you, Remit and our Queen Diane. :-)


No worries. There is something you can use called Google Analytics which is really good for tracking your traffic, take a look into it.

I have Google Analytics installed, Remit but never really settled down to understand all that it is capable of until now.

My follow-up blog: Thanks again!


Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for your blog post. I hope you're doing well.

Congratulations on getting 700 clicks in the past 28 days, that's great news. And it is even better that you're watching your clicks go up! As you rightly mention, and I couldn't agree more, consistency is key! If we are not consistent, it's time to change that script!!

I'm really pleased that things are happening for you.

Have a great Sunday.


Thank you very much for all your support, Roy.

Discipline and consistency are the key.

Have a good Sunday.


It's a pleasure, Cassi, and it is a pleasure to see member's businesses growing!

Discipline and consistency are unbelievably key!

Have a great week.


I really enjoy seeing our members progress and attain success, Roy.

Have a great week also.

Thank you.

Indeed, it's very motivating!

All the best.


Keep up the great work Cassi.
Being a role model can be tough but hey someone has to do it and I'm so happy it is you :-)

And you, Lisa!! 🤗

Happy New Year and all the best for 2023.


Very awesome. indeed, Cassi! Keep succeeding!


Thank you, Jeff.

You're very welcome, Cassi!


Thanks for the share. As we build it is reassuring to see the actual numbers. Congratulations on the results of your efforts.

Thank you very much, Sami.

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