How My Impressions Grew 3x In 3 Months. Set Your GOALS!

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Here's why you should set yourself goals to keep on track. They work! There is a proviso, however.

They will only work IF you do the work necessary.

It is just like anything else in life. Without ACTION, nothing happens. Well, doing nothing has an outcome but you understand what I am trying to say here.

No one else can do the work for you.

Here's a personal example.

My Goal Is To Increase Impressions

In April 2022, I shared what my average weekly impressions were for my firm's professional website. I started to focus on building traffic here in Q2 2022 to monetize it with ad revenue.

My goal is to get to 10,000 impressions, on or before, 31 October 2022.

That is my GOAL. I am actually working towards achieving that by the end of September.

So, back to April 2022 when I was at an average of 530 impressions per week. Clicks were low, about 11 per week.

Let's fast-track to August 2022 - 4 months' time.

The Steps I Took

I took very simple steps.

1. I followed Prince Partha's Potions. You can begin with his Ultimate Guide To Keyword Research by CLICKING HERE.

2. I did the Keyword Research as he laid out, following each step closely.

3. I then wrote simple, quality content to answer Google Search questions and queries.

4. This is one step that I added. I shared my content on LinkedIn, once or twice a week. This is because I also do Management Consulting and LinkedIn brings in good business for my firm.

5. I repeated those steps, 2 to 3 times each week, from April to August 2022.

Remember, I am also providing Coaching, Content and Consulting services so my time has to be managed effectively.

The Results At The End Of August 2022

This is where I am at now with weekly traffic:

My weekly impressions have TRIPLED!

Clicks have increased by OVER 450%!!

Unique Visitors have also risen by OVER 400%!!!

Here are my last 28 days' averages:

Your Efforts Must Be Consistent

To build muscle you have to exercise consistently. At least 4-6 times a week.

The same applies to your websites and building your content.

If I continue to do what I am doing, with no changes, I will TRIPLE my results again. That means by December 2022, I will have over 15,000 Impressions, 500 clicks and 600 Unique Visitors.

Let's monetize that with Ezoic ads.

At a minimum:

15,000 per month x US $10.00 per 1,000 Impressions = $150.00 per month.

At a maximum:

15,000 per month x US $40.00 per 1,000 Impressions = $600.00 per month

Let's TRIPLE that again.

By April 2023, this website will be earning between $450.00 to $1,800.00 per month.

TRIPLE, again.

By August 2023, ad revenue ALONE will be bringing in between $1,350 to $5,400.00 PER MONTH!!

  • Can you see my target to earn $10,000.00 by the end of December 2023?
  • Do you see how this works in your favour and how to keep scaling your business?
  • Does this make sense to you?
  • Is it realistic?

ONE website will be bringing in over $5,000.00 PER MONTH in ONE REVENUE SOURCE.

You CAN Change Your Script!

All you have to do is start by setting ONE goal at a time.

Take ONE small step and keep stepping.

Forget all the fluff (not to be confused with Old Fluff) and KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Be consistent.

You CAN Change Your Script!


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Thank you, Cassie. I so appreciate how you have laid out your steps here. I am building a file of yours and several others useful information posts, and I am beginning to formulate my own strategy, based on my capabilities, and of course, which means writing it down. I believe that is called a business plan. I'll keep you updated. Again, thanks.

That is an excellent idea, Donna!

And keep yourself motivated. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cassi

Hi Cassi,

This was profoundly helpful. I never considered using Ezoic because I thought you needed more impressions and clicks to qualify.

I currently get just under 2000 impressions per week but average only 11 clicks. This is with a website where I have stopped making posts until I get another niche going.

Your analysis tells me that if I resume making posts and boosting up my clicks I could apply for ads on Ezoic. Would you concur?



I certainly do concur, Edwin!
Go for it.


This is awesome Congratulations.
I agree that setting goals is the way to go, I have jumped on that wagon and I am slowly but surely attaining my goals and at the same time finding out that I really enjoy doing this its very interesting, so I am putting in more and more effort each day to do the tasks and make it happen.
Attitude and a little Effort bake a great cake :)

I love this, James: "Attitude and a little Effort bake a great cake."
So true.

Thank you for your kind sentiments.

With hard work and dedication anything is possible my friend!!

Keep on keeping on Cassi, I have no doubt that you will reach and surpass your goals a lot sooner than you planned to my friend !!

Nick, if that happens, you will hear me roar. ๐Ÿ˜

Thank you for your support.


Hahaha! I will definitely keep my ears open for the "roar" Cassi!!


And you are always most welcome my friend!!


Thank you, Nick!



Your results are so impressive, Cassi. Looks like your hard work is really picking up steam. Nicely done!


Yes, I can see that it is, Susan.

What I am also discovering is that even with less than 100 articles on my site, if I promote and remain consistent, the traffic and visitors continue to grow.

I am also seeing backlinks to my site increase.
That is great for Google Juice!

I hope that you are also progressing well.


That's excellent to hear, Cassi. I'm enjoying watching and learning from your journey. You are certainly on to something and it's very exciting.

My progress is slow but I'm continuing to try new things and see where it goes. Keep succeeding :-)

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