1st Wealthy Affiliate Anniversary - 5-Figure Diversified Income Stream

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"I have a dream . . ."

These are 4 of the most powerful, profound and life-changing words that I know. They are also the words that have covered me along this journey as I pause today to celebrate my 1st Wealthy Affiliate Anniversary. Moving from zero to a 5-figure diversified income stream in 12 months has been so very rewarding.

My Accomplishments

I have been sharing regular updates and will not bore you now with any repetition from those updates. What I will say is that I have been able to meet and surpass every goal that I have set here at WA and most of them ahead of schedule.

That is not by chance. I have a set clear strategy, not that it is cast in stone, but the main highway is clear.

From 0 to 5-Figures

This is one achievement that was not on the horizon for me during my first year. As with an offline business and given the steep learning curve I anticipated, I did not plan to earn any income from this investment during my 1st year.

However, by the end of my 3rd month at WA, I realised that we are not only limited to Content & Affiliate Marketing. There are many, many other avenues for earning income and all can be facilitated right here on our WA platform.

So, yes, I do earn what I consider to be good income. Certainly, a lot more than what I have invested as an Annual Premium Member.

Now, I plan to increase this 10-fold in my 2nd year. That will be my primary focus.

Happily Married

This is perhaps what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment in my 1st year, graduating as a Freshman. This is WA University after all, isn't it?

I have learned so much. Not only from the formal programs but more so from each one of our WA Members.

We are a Community made stronger because of all the diversity that rests here, as strong as our strongest link, which is quite powerful.

There is no other place I would rather be. Much like finding my perfect mate, it does not matter how much better something else looks, I have no interest in exploring.

I am happily married. 🙂🥰

A Sophomore Now

My 1st year was gruelling - not said in a bad way at all. I pushed myself very hard, knowing no other way. When I started at WA, I knew nothing about all this "internet stuff and making money here".

Today, I can understand the language, navigate to find what I need and help others along the way. Not yet like Chrystopher, Shannon, Catherine, Joseph and others in Live Chat, but in my own little way, I can extend some guidance.

I move on, in my 2nd year with a solid foundation:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification - completed.
  • WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Phase 3
  • WA Ambassador - 62 days
  • Highest WA Rank - 11th
  • WA Blog Posts - 160
  • WA Training - 9 tutorials completed, all on Level 2 credits
  • Certified Commenter
  • Cash Credits - 64
  • Community Credits - 62
  • WA Referrals - 6
  • WA Affiliate Credits - 2
  • WA Network - 2,000 Followers
  • Affiliate Networks - 5
  • Affiliate Programs - 8
  • Websites - 3, all indexed by Google
  • Website Blog Posts - 121, 92 indexed by Google
  • Consistent 1st page and #1 rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Social Media Platforms - Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn

Give WA Your Best Shot

WA is a goldmine!

You would be failing yourself if, in joining, you do not give it your very best shot. The potential to succeed here is far greater than most others. The one proviso is that you commit and invest the time and effort to learn and build your online business.

With consistent, well-planned objectives and action, you are almost guaranteed to succeed.

Be good to yourself and give it the very best shot that you can.

I continue to extend the very best to all our WA Members and to thank you for your support in helping me to achieve the level of success that I have.

Looking forward to continued celebrations together.


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Recent Comments


Great bio 👍
I’m on second set of training and started building my website and trying to get things done. I’m disabled so it takes me a little longer than most. Baby steps one at a time and I will get there and be successful with my new business and the WA community support behind me.
Thanks everyone 🥰
Randi (RB)

Ps. Loved the article and video too

Randi, it is great to have you with us here at WA.

Remember, you have all the support that you need to succeed right here.
Reach out, whenever you need to.


Hi Cassandra. Really nice to hear this. Congratulations on the hard work & persistence. Hope I can mirror what you've achieved. You're right WA is a brilliant platform for learning as well as (hopefully) developing an income. The thing that rang with me was your reference to diversification. WA does seem to open doors and awareness to all that's available to us out there in the digital marketplace - besides affiliate marketing. Clearly we are free to follow these alternative routes and still seek advice in the WA community. Hopefully something I'll also be able to do once I feel confident in the affiliate space.

Thank you for your kind words and feedback, Ian.

Yes, our WA platform does afford us the opportunity to be as diverse as we want to be.
It is an excellent platform and community.

You are limited only by your imagination.

I wish you mush success here.

"With consistent, well-planned objectives and action, you are almost guaranteed to succeed."

No truer words have been spoken than these Cassi. Your record perfectly exemplifies what you wrote here.

I bet that within two years or less you will join the ranks of the Super Affiliates and be a guest of Kyle and Carson in Vegas. But even if it doesn't happen in that time frame, your earning power will match the Super Affiliates as your income will be from several streams.

Congrats on your stellar progress and performance on your 1st Anniversary. You are an inspiration to me Cassi. I wish you continued success in all you do.



Edwin, you are very kind.
I really embrace your support and kind sentiments.

You are a close motivator for me and I learn a lot from you.
That helps me to keep focused and achieve my goals and objectives.

We have many ways of diversifying our income and that makes being at WA all the more beneficial.

Thank you very much.

Happy 1st WAnniversary, Cassi. 🎉🎀🎉🎀
Looking at your milestones, you certainly have achieved a lot in just one year. You become a role model for this great community. 😀👍

Here's to more years filled with success stories 🍾🥂

To Our Success,

Thank you very much, Ferra.

I appreciate your kind words and support, especially from someone who is also very successful.

Looking forward to many more years.


Congrats to making it through your first year! You’ve made a lot of progress and sounds like you’re on your way to more success ahead.

I love your attitude and enjoy reading your posts whenever I can. You sure have what it takes to be successful. All the best moving forward in your second year.



Thank you very much, Eric.

I appreciate your kind sentiments and support.
It makes all the difference for us at WA.

I am definitely going to make sure that I keep my commitment and efforts focused and strong in Year 2.
This is a critical year for moving into the Affiliate income-generating zone.

I wish you much success also.

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