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Last Update: Mar 10, 2022

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There is an energy moving through Wealthy Affiliate (WA) these days that has me pumped up big time! It is taking me back to even greater excitement and motivation than I enjoyed in my 1st year - if that is at all possible.

I have returned to not wanting to sleep much and investing more time in and on my business. This is my 3rd year in WA - my Junior year - and I am climbing once again.

This part of the journey is a little easier because of the opportunities I took advantage of in my first 2 years. Thankfully, they paid off.

I Sold Another Domain

Quick thing here.

Last week, I sold another domain. This is the 2nd time that I have sold a domain and I was pleased that my sale price was 100% pure profit.

Flipping domains and websites is a great way to earn residual income online.

Now, it costs me nothing because I use the credits I earned in WA from giving comments, doing training and my referral commissions.

My cart is always full of domain names that I put aside to research before I purchase. There are 26 in the pipeline now.

1st Year Profit - $43,000

As you would know, building a profitable website for Affiliate Marketing will take time. In my humble opinion, you are looking at an investment of between 18-24 months to start taking off. Then, 2-5 years to stand firmly and grow.

Of course, this will depend on how much time and effort you invest in the early years. You have to work in and on your business every day.

In the meantime, you could flip domains or sell books on Amazon like this person did and make 65% profit.

Then, you can sell the business for $150,000. on Flippa or somewhere else. I am not sure that they will get their full asking price but you get the point. Whatever it is, it will not be a bad return for a year's work.

Invest 12 Years For 1 Million

Better yet, keep working on building your website, earn some great profit and then sell it for over a million dollars after 12 years when you decide to move on to something new.

The choice is yours and yours alone but it will only happen IF you make it happen.

What other business will pay you almost $300,000. a year and then hand you over 1M when you are ready to call it quits?!

None that I know of.

Change Your Script

That's my motto.

If whatever you are doing now is not working for you then, change your script. You have everything - all the resources, support and training - that you need to succeed online right here in WA.

In case you missed them, here are 2 recent WA blog posts to get your engine turning.



Let's go!!!!


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Hi Cassi!

Simply awesome! Indeed, we all have the blueprint here at WA. We just have to be willing to follow it.

You are an inspiration for all of us to emulate. Continues success to you as you move forward! Have a fantastic Sunday! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,

Happy Sunday, Nichola.

I always appreciate your kind words and, like you, I do believe that we have everything we need right here in WA.

Such a pleasure, always, to connect.

Enjoy your day as well.

Thank you very much! You are very welcome. 😀😍


What is the quote again;

"The proof is in the pudding" 😃 or in your case Cassi;

"The proof is in Cassi´s WA blog roll"💯💪

The blueprint, the step by step of what to do in order to apply what the training in WA teaches us, the slight edge which means applying the blueprint every day is there for all of us to adapt - In every article on your WA blog roll.

What you have done is to start with a blog, create content, attract traffic and then build your blog out to a sales funnel of services.

Continue to be awesome, Cassi!


I always welcome your summaries and your sharing, Roy.
There is not much more than this to it, is there?

Our business has an excellent model and if we follow it, who knows where it will lead us.

Thank you, for your confidence and for your support.

You´re welcome, Cassi 😊



That is awesome news Cassi I know you will continue to knock it out of the ballpark.
You are such an inspiration for us all.
here are two beers one from me and one from Jeff
And one extra just for the sake of it. 🍺
But no more well at least until the next success you give us :)


I will add another beer to this Andre 🍺 💯


Why not perhaps that is the hidden secret to success online LOL

Andre, this is so cool. 😊
The beers came in handy last night as I was writing content until 1 AM this morning.

I am going to do my very best to keep everyone happy.

Thank you, as always, for being such a rock of support.

Cheers, Roy! 🍻


If we use Prince Partha as the measure for this, it just might be, Andre.



🍻Cheers, Cassi!


You are welcome Cassi and you are a rock of support to many here along with your YouTube videos as you offer so much.
so thank you the least I can do.:)

Just make sure you are happy first and foremost the rest will follow on. :)

This is an option as well

Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for your excellent blog post. I hope you're doing well.

I really like your excellent examples of how we can make money online and grow our online business. The Internet has opened up so many fantastic opportunities, it really is unbelievable! And we can do this work from the comfort of our own home. As I always say, the power of the Internet never fails to amaze me!

I believe that we are all sitting on a potential goldmine, all we need to do is to take action. I appreciate that some of us are also working full-time jobs, but we can still build!

Wishing you a great day and continued success.


Yes, we are sitting on a goldmine, Roy.
We need to get off of it, dive in and start mining.
There are some REAL gems in there!

You have summed it up very well. :-)

Thank you and enjoy your Friday.

Good morning Cassi,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

That's so true, we need to go deep mining! That's a very good way of putting it Cassi, to start mining! I agree with you, there really are some great gems in the Wealthy Affiliate training!

I always remember one of the super affiliates saying that they are surprised there are not more success stories on Wealthy Affiliate. Apparently, they were having a discussion in Vegas a couple of years ago, I believe. This translates, that most of us can't really get our act together, to put it bluntly! Many of us need to change the way we are doing things or doing life!

Have a great weekend. (I always appreciate your wise blog posts)


Hi Cassi,

Thanks for this post and sharing part of your journey. I have watched it from when you started and I have always been impressed with your dedication and your willingness to share.

Recently I was taking stock of what I have accomplished here in WA and it is dismal by comparison. Not that I am complaining. Far from it. I know WA will reward my efforts, and while I did build the eCommerce store for our business, it worked well for what was needed at the time.

No I need something else. I have several other sites that I have been playing with. Like you said there has been a tread here recently on monetization and I realized that I have not monetized any of those sites.

Part of that is I never finished the WA training (I was going to get to it). Now I realize I need to focus on this and see where it leads.

I have been ramping up my work online for a few months now as the other business winds down. There are good times ahead.

I just saw Dianes' post this AM and her post yesterday. They are in the queue to read this AM as soon as I get my other post written.


This is an excellent time to dust things off and find a renewed focus and momentum, Alex.

I realise that with my initial achievements, I was moving slowly with this phase of building out my Affiliate Marketing framework and expanding my own website content.
Thankfully, Prince Partha's posts are helping a whole lot.

Don't beat yourself up at all.
Now that you recognise it and have more time, simply get on it.

You have all the support that you need.
Make the most of your Premium Plus membership.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you Cassi, I appreciate your kind words. I am mastering the skills needed. For a long time I enjoyed being here and enjoyed the platform just by being a member.

I have no regrets, they serve no purpose. I am not a worrier, it also serves no purpose.

I do have a plan and I am implementing it.

As you say, time to dust off the membership and actually use it more productively.

I am on it.



I will share that one of the things I realised is that if I had dived straight into monetising my websites earlier I would have been a mess at it.
My writing has matured and strengthened and having explored many different avenues in social media, especially, I am now certain about what I enjoy.

My confidence has risen and I can bob and weave.
My Cassi Of Troy brand has gotten some expose and that is helping a lot

I am also grateful to have the time to build carefully.

You will succeed, Alex, I just know it. :-)


Thanks Cassi,

Have a great day.


You are welcome, Alex.

Many thanks.

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