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Happy New Year!

Today we have some very exciting news that I want to tell you about. It's fitting to kick off 2016 with a bang, so I can't wait to tell you about what brand new platform is now available to ALL members of Wealthy Affiliate!!

For the past 10 years we have been building WA with the goal of allowing the most people possible (everyone) to be able to build an online business. One of the challenges has always been technology and getting people over the fears and difficulties of building the foundation of their business (their websites).

Today we are announcing a system design to fill the last MISSING link and makes WA a totally complete website building platform...removing one of the biggest technological hurdles people face!

Introducing SiteDomains!

You can now register new domains right here within Wealthy Affiliate! This means that when you are ready to secure your next domain name, you can do it right here within your WA Account!

The SiteDomains platform will instantly allow you to uncover any domain in seconds. This feature will expedite your domain research and truly uncover some of the true domain gems out there.

Access and purchase .com, .net, .org, .info and all of your other favorite top level domains in an instant.

All Your Domain Needs in One Place!

Each and every domain includes EVERYTHING you need and we do not upsell you like every other domain service out there. What you get with your WA domains is everything that you need to build your sites - privacy included!

  • Full privacy and domain protection.
  • Full email accounts included with each domain purchase.

With SiteDomains you have everything included all in one place...at ONE price.

Oh, and we don't charge you more for renewals. You can expect the same price for as long as you own your domain!

Security and Privacy

Your privacy was at the top of our list when building the SiteDomains platform. We are constantly hearing about folks in WA getting unsolicited scam phone calls, emails, or even registered mail sent to them because they have not protected their WHOIS (contact) details of their domain. At WA, we include PRIVATE WHOIS protection with every single domain, this isn't an upsell, it's built right into the highly competitive pricing.

We also include additional levels of security with your domains to help prevent you from ever losing your domain to a competitor.

We wanted to build the domain experience that we have always wanted, and SiteDomains is it! Simple, Secure, Private, and filled with features!


When you buy a domain at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be up and running in literally minutes. No waiting for 24-48 hours for your domain to be registered, it's going to happen in MINUTES...

Your Domain will already be setup on our servers ready for your website to be installed just a few minutes after you purchase, so you can literally get your site published and live on the NET right away. No more fumbling around with changing DNS to point at our servers either, this is all setup for you - it's completely hassle free!

What about domains that you own from other Domain registrars?

Domains that you own at other registrars will continue to work the same way they always have. In-fact, you can still purchase domains elsewhere and point them to WA Servers...though there is no reason to ever need to now.

SiteDomains can be your choice moving forward for all domain registrations. It's completely integrated into your WA account, removes all technological hurdles, includes security, and is very competitively priced.

So, how about Pricing?

We are not here to gouge anyone for their domain purchases, so we made the decision to offer domains at the ABSOLUTE lowest price we could. As you can see in the table below, I think you'll agree that we've done a pretty good job at coming in with a competitive edge :)

When registering domains through WA, you are instantly setup and ready to use all of the SiteRubix features like SiteFeedback, SiteComments, SiteHealth, SiteSupport, and others we are working on! You'll be ready to rock right from the get go.

Affiliates earn $1 per domain

You will even earn $1 from every domain registration from people you refer to WA! These will also be recurring commissions so if you sell a domain now and someone keeps it next year, you will get a $1 recurring commission next year.

Many people also bulk buy domains, so if someone buys domains in multiples, you will et $1in affiliate commissions for each.

Don't be surprised when you start seeing TWO $0.50 credits (total $1) start coming into your Affiliate Account.

SiteDomains is available to EVERYONE!

Whether you are a Starter or Premium member, you will ALWAYS have access to WA domains! We have made this part of WA always accessible to you regardless what the status of your membership is.

The SiteDomain experience at WA truly a pleasure to use and I'm really excited to hear what you have to say after giving it a try yourself :)

==> Check out SiteDomains Here!

I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts on the first BIG release of 2016...of many to come! I hope you have a great year ahead and we look forward to being part of it :)


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that's a great news-:

This is great!

This is awesome!

Wonderful news, now I have less step to do. Well done WA!

You guys are AWESOME! Really looking forward to using SiteRubix Domains!

Just wanted to clarify something. If a starter member buys their domain from you guys does that mean that they can then host that domain here without being premium as opposed to simply only having access to the siterubix accounts?

They would have to host elsewhere as you need a Premium membership to host your own domains here.

kk thank you, thats what I was thinking but I wasnt too sure =)

Wonderful news. I knew the WA decision was a good one.


This is so great and getting better.
Carson, you and Kyle have an abundant
Understanding of abundance.
Thank You. !Thank You.!
And the unsung heroes behind the scene.

This is the ultimate deal Carson. This has set WA so far ahead in the online world that no other competitor can even come close. This is why I claim WA the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the affiliate marketing world. See u at the top when I get there with you &Kyle;.

Greg P.

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