WA's Brand New Homepage for 2018 - Check it out, it's Live!

Last Update: May 31, 2018

Hey everyone,

Less than 24 hours ago we released a brand new homepage at WealthyAffiliate.com! We are really excited about this latest release, and we can't wait to you hear what you think about it.

The homepage has been updated with the brand-new look. It's cleaner, easier to navigate, and we feel that it more clearly explains what's Wealthy Affiliate is, who it's for, and how people can benefit from joining the platform!

Head over to take a look for yourself:

It has now been almost 4 weeks since be released the major update to the WA members area user interface. The feedback has been outstanding, engagement is at an all-time high, and the community is benefiting from the new clean look and improved navigation. Now with the update to our homepage we feel the members area is accurately represented with the fresh new look, and refreshed marketing.

If you have been at WA for some time, you know that we are constantly updating the members area. This is can sometimes pose a challenge to keep our website up-to-date with all of the changes, new features, new platforms, and improved technology & training. In the coming weeks we are going to be updating other areas of the Wealthy Affiliate website bringing it up-to-date and current with our vast offering of services and features.

One major change to the new homepage is the removal of the full sign-up form at first glance. New members can now get started by simply entering their email address. The full sign up form is then displayed in a beautiful looking pop-up optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. The reason behind this decision was to provide us with more real estate to deliver the message of what WA is and how it can help people. Signing up to WA through this new flow truly seems fun, easy, and exciting!

A shift in graphics is apparent on the new homepage as well. We have moved away from dark imagery to a more clean and fresh look. Digesting information on the page is always easier when the text is easy-to-read, well spaced, and well laid out. We really focused on this to provide the best possible experience when learning about WA for the first time. As we teach in our training, dark text on a light background simply works and converts the best!

We are really excited with the direction of the WealthyAffiliate.com website. More clarity, better readability, a more current look and feel, and a truly accurate representation of the quality of service that people can expect when joining our community.

Now I am going to turn this over to you to provide us with some feedback!!! We want to hear about what you like, your first impressions, and overall thoughts on this major update to the homepage. I look forward to speaking with you in the comments below!


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rcarney6 Premium
The home page looks good. The pop up idea is interesting. I want to look into installing popups.
Will this do OK for Clickbank or Google Ads? Maybe since the person has already entered info before it comes up will make it acceptable.
I know a few years ago, WA had to put up a different page without an automatic popup for our affiliate links.
I assume, again because the person enters info before it come up, this will be fine for Ad Words, etc.
Is that correct?
NicoAlpaca Premium
When I open the homepage on my laptop, I get only up to the Enter Email box. I find there is no graphic at all unlike the other pages from the menu. This is only my opinion but I find that first part of the page naked. Could use a bit of colour and an invite to scroll down. I really like the rest of the page.
Carson Premium
This is great feedback Nicole - too much whitespace can, on a particular device and screen size, make it seem like there is nothing below - we'll work on this!
GiuliaB Premium
Mr Carson, I beat you to it, as I blogged about the new homepage (and the other pages, which I thought were also new) yesterday. So, let me tell you what I think: it's just great! Clear, clean, vibrant. I'm sure it will appeal much more successfully, if at all possible :)

DebbieRose Premium
I really do love this new design for all the reasons you stated. It is clean, yet sophisticated. It truly does explain what WA is all about in more detail than the previous version. I even learned something new. I've been here well over a year and never knew about KC and Aaron! I think once someone goes to the site, they will be more inclined to sign up. Thank you for all your efforts.
tkysar Premium
A change is as good as a rest, huh? I like the change very much, and will begin my full time efforts to build sites very soon. Involved in some family estate issues right now - and for the past several months - but will be free, free, free, very soon. My life since the first of the year has been in a "hurry up and wait" mode....I have several "niches" selected...
Sylvii Premium
Simplicity is the new luxury :)

It is beautiful, however I am new here and do not know how the old one looked like, only remember the big and not that pretty pop up window which has just done its job. For celebrating this event with you, I am now signing up for a Premium. Here is a superb team and it will be a privilege to become part of it.

Well done Guys and keep up your amazing job!
Have a lovely weekend!

Sylvi, x
Kyle Premium
The old one was a lot darker looking and was much more verbose, which we think worked at a disadvantage.

Living in a world where we tend to listen and read 140 characters or less (sound bytes), the old page read a little bit too lengthy.
Robert-A Premium
Not too shabby as we say over here in Scotland Carson.
I personally like it compared to the old one although the old one did serve its purpose.
I haven't tried it yet but I'm assuming the new page has been rolled out and this is the page we will now send prospects?
Have a great Friday.
Kyle Premium
Yes, this new page slides in place of the old one. So all of your existing traffic and even the custom homepages will be going to the new homepage.
Robert-A Premium
Ok Kyle, thanks for the clarification.
Onwards and Upwards to Success.
Have a great weekend.
shenry-fran Premium
Carson, It is the best thing you could have done for all. I did not like the first design and if I had come across WA on Traffic Exchange, I would not take a second look much less to read the content because of the colour and design.

Lucky for me, I joined through a program that have WA as part of their program. I am thankful for that because WA is the place to be for learning how to build an online business from scratch.

I am sure we will all benefit from this new design.
LayoA Premium
Nice! I must have been one of the very first set of people to notice it and at first I was like what’s going on, hmmm... it’s indeed cleaner ! You guys practice what you teach, we all need to improve ourselves as much as we can and upgrade when necessary!
BillFletcher Premium
WOW the new look is outstanding. Love the colors and images. My daughter is a graphic designer (18 years) for one of the biggest companies in our state, and she was very impressed with the "feel and look." "Very professional, interesting art work was her comments."

Great work and thanks for sharing.

louisaparson Premium

I'm excited about the new look helping conversation rates.

I may have signed up using the old form but it was an email from a fellow blogger that I trusted that sold me on WA.

I believe building an email list of leads will be easier to convert those who visit the site, especially if they are attracted to the cleaner look and feel.

All the best,

dchapman3 Premium
I love the cleaner look and it is well organized. Less is more and this proves it.

This has a warmer feel to it than the old site and I believe will attract more to signing up.

The graphics tell the story of WA very well and explain all that is offered here at WA.

You hit it out of the park! Well done and thanks for giving us a better platform and front end to showcase to our potential audiences.
PaulHuggins1 Premium
I actually didn't like it at first glance. I wish I knew why, but after reading and realizing the changes are well done I have warmed to the change.
I'm like many about unexpected changes. I wasn't paying attention if it was announced, but I think I expected the new one to just be a shinier version of the old one.
It does look much more professional and clean. Just my two cents.
Igor13 Premium
Hi Carson,

The new homepage at Wealthy Affiliate looks exactly as you described:

- cleaner
- easier to navigate
- it looks more simple to read and to understand what is WA

To me, it looks very nice and it was very easy for me to read it and to get the quick insight into Wa!

Nice job!
Best regards!
Heyday Premium
Hey Carson, as I’m a few days old newbie, I would just like to say that this place is awesome and I am blown away and overwhelmed in equal measures
Ok, sugar coating over.
I have a question about the build your website and be revenue ready within 30 seconds? I’ve already asked a respected member this question and not had a response, so it’s only fair that I ask yourself as well
Without trying to answer my own question I understand that the above statement is technically correct but I can’t help likening it to something such as, have a bespoke hand crafted cupboard delivered and ready to use in 30 seconds? Yes it may take the delivery guys 30 seconds to get the cupboard out of the van and into the house but then.... well you see where I’m going

Please accept this as constructive, everything else about WA is top notch and I hope to be around these parts for a long time
Best wishes
Triblu Premium
Yes David, I have thought the same thing... until I read through other's advertising making similar claims... and as you say, technically it is correct... however, we both know better, but MANY others do not know better, which is why that type of advertising brings in a different type of person.

It's explained better here: Hope this helps explain this best.
Heyday Premium
Thanks for the response Trish
The landing page article is very interesting, there are so many gems like this hidden away and scattered all over the platform, I think it’s knowing this as an enlightened person maybe, that makes this place so exciting, it can be like being on a treasure hunt looking for the golden nuggets of information which are literally everywhere!
I still think that WA could be packaged and marketed in an even better way, especially after reading your article
Best wishes
Triblu Premium
Well David I am soooo glad you enjoyed the tutorial... and you're right, there are SEVERAL gems just waiting to be asked for in the search textbox above.

As for marketing WA a better way, I double-dare you to take that mission on as your own. I bet you would profit from it too as you have the right thinking. Soooo... if once you have completed the Certificate Course you might better take the Bootcamp training too.

Best wishes right back atchya' :-))
Heyday Premium
Thanks Trish for raising some great points,, and for an extremely informative tutorial
I shall have to politely decline the double dare for now, but once I’m back, armed with a laptop who knows! (Who am I kidding, I’m not the one sat here with a telephone number-looking bank account!!)
Have an awesome day and even better weekend
phakacha8 Premium
Thanks Carson for this. I saw it the other day while uploading my personal customized Sign up Link and was wondering how come only to be made confirmed by your update today.

Who the heck will not succeed with such an amazing looks and tools of WA?

Cheer it a HUNDRED times.
Triblu Premium
Right ON! :-)) my thoughts exactly.
phakacha8 Premium
Thanks a lot Triblu.
Appreciated for your response.
dottiej3411 Premium
My first impression was that the images next to "Transform Your Ideas into Profits" is skimpy and looks cheap.

Under the heading "Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites" there is a typo - "what's" should just be "what." I really like the image here.

Under the heading "Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!" number 2, "Enter a your name" leave out the a, making it "Enter your name."
I also like this image. It is clean and clear.

Overall, I like the new look. I am surprised about the statement of "Try Wealthy Affiliate Free. . . . " It seems more upfront to mention that there is an opportunity to upgrade available when they are ready to advance.

There are a number of affiliate marketing offers that sound really great and inexpensive until you learn that there is no help unless you agree to upgrade and are willing to pay a fee and monthly fees. My impulse at this point is to cancel, even if I have already paid the fee to get to this point.

I appreciate your offer to review this new site and give feedback. I don't mean to be really critical.

Riaz Premium
Took the words right out of my mouth, Dottie! It definitely looks cleaner but the images could do with an upgrade.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Carson, I was putting the finishing touches to a post today and linking that post to my Custom Home Page and to my surprise it had changed. It had more information for the new visitor and not as dark as the previous homepage. I think it is a massive improvement over the previous, great job.
Give It A Go Premium
I love it! i particularly like the 'transform your ideas into profit' images. It gives a really clear understanding of just how many niche ideas there are and how simple it could be to build a business on something you are passionate about. I really like the home page design. Great work!
Genelda Premium
Two typos I see, on the login screen where #2 reads as "Enter a Your Name" - take the \a\ out. (wink wink) Then the marketer one where it reads "The is a reason" as a few others have pointed out.

Otherwise, it all looks great! Catchy title, clean tagline.

*Thumbs up*!
CarolMeador Premium
Hi, Carson. I think it's wonderful! It is neat and easy to read and understand as well as exciting. The only thing I saw that I questioned was the use of the word "elite". I know what you meant to impart, but I'm wondering if some people might think they wouldn't qualify for membership in an "elite" community.

Thanks for all your hard work on making this a very positive experience for potential new members.

laurenjean Premium
Thanks for letting us know Carson! Brilliant!! I really liked the old look as well, though this is definitely neater.

Will our affiliate banners be revamped as well?
Would it be possible for you to put WA the logo designs into Site Content images so we can use it on our affiliate sites or to create our own banners and other images?
bpais1 Premium
I can see that you spent a lot of time on this new homepage, Carson!

Lots of white space - clean, neat, organized - and, it covers all the important reasons to join WA. I know it covers the reasons I joined over a year ago!

You got a winner here!

MatthewLS Premium
I really like the new face lift when you first sign in it is nice and clean it looks more inviting to me then the other page. I do agree with the sign up page looks nicer to. loving all the new updates you guys are coming out with its nice to know with change comes good things and knowing that you are willing to make things better for everyone.

Thanks, Kyle, Carson and everybody working their best to better this site and everybody else that wants to learn.
Lez01 Premium
Hi Carson ,I saw the new WA homepage before reading your blog, so my compliments are unprompted LOL. There was little to fault the old homepage but the new page, aside from the tangible improvements just has a better feel to it. Seeing these "leader of the pack" improvements is simply further affirmation of WA as the premium offering in the affiliate realm.
herinnelson Premium
Hi Carson! When I logged in today and saw the new homepage, my first thought was how fresh and new it looked! (A WOW Moment!) It gave me a new sense of success! I love the clean white look!---The perfect and same feeling one gets when they begin a brand new and fresh business! A true genius idea!


Erin :)!
DynamicDavid Premium
Thanks for letting us know about this. Yep, it looks really good.

For my WA Affiliate Links, I had to update some of the text in my Custom Homepages to ask people to enter their email address below and click "Get Started" instead of "enter details on the right" to reflect a change of approach, which should be easier for people to do.

I am sure that many other WA members will have to edit the text in their Custom Homepages as well.
Jay Gumbs Premium
I like that the user only has to enter their email address initially before they get a popup to enter the rest info.

One concern I have though - they enter the email before the popup but then they're presented with a form that has the email address field again. Is the field pre-filled with the address they entered before or do they have to enter it again (hopefully not)?