Jaaxy Update: Better Integration & Improved Keyword Management

Last Update: Feb 22, 2018


Hey Everyone,

Today I wanted to give you a quick update about Jaaxy and the progress we've made with integrating it into the Wealthy Affiliate platform as the Official keyword tool!

In December, I blogged about Jaaxy being integrated into WA and we added our first version of this exciting merge between the incredible keyword and research platform (in Jaaxy), and the Wealthy Affiliate community. We've got some great news, we've just made the integration more functional, and more integrated

Brand New Jaaxy Menu

If you click on the Jaaxy menu on the left you will see that we now have a more elaborate menu with many more options than before.

You now have options to open up the SiteRank tool Search Analysis, Alphabet Soup, Brainstorm HQ, and the Affiliate Program Search directly in the Jaaxy APP. This means one-touch access to these wonderful tools that you will have access to if you are a LITE, PRO, or ENTERPRISE member.

We think that this will really make your Research a lot easier moving forward and we have plans to continue to build these elements into the interface right here at WA! Stay tuned for more updates in respect to that.

Keyword Lists are Now Built into WA!

The Keyword List platform within Jaaxy has been built directly into the interface here at WA. Click on "Keyword Lists" form the new Jaaxy menu and you'll be taken to your familiar Jaaxy KW list management area.

With Jaaxy KW Lists you can add/edit/delete keywords to lists. You can view your lists, export them, and even send those keywords directly to SiteContent to start writing them.

Adding keywords to a list is super simple, here's how you do it:

Step 1 - Just do a keyword search by entering your phrase into the search box at the top of the tool.

Step 2 - When you find some keywords that you want to put into a KW lists, just check the keywords you want to add to the list and click the "Save to List" button that appears at the top. Choose to create a "New List" or "Existing List" and click "Save".

Step 3 - After clicking save you'll see a link to "View the List":

Step 4: View your list!

Write it Now, Write it Later

Another new feature that was recently added to both the Keyword Results, and now included in KW Lists is that you can select keywords and choose to create SiteContent with those keyword.

Anytime you select a keyword from the search (or KW Lists), you will see some buttons at the top next to the "Save to List" button that read "Create Draft for later" or "Write Post Now".

Write Post Now: This will create a SiteContent draft article and include your keywords in the body of the editor so that you can start writing the article while focusing on these keywords.

Create Draft for Later: Want to do a bunch of research and create a number of Article drafts with keywords for later?

No problem, just choose the "Create Draft for later" button. You can browse to SiteContent at anytime and you'll see you Drafts right on your article dashboard all set for you to write some keyword targeted content for your site!

Auto-Connect For All New Starter Members!

When we first integrated Jaaxy into WA, we required folks to connect their accounts and this has worked near flawlessly.

However, we are always about simplifying things and we've updated the connection process for NEW members to WA so that upon creating an account at WA, Starters can now start using Jaaxy right away without having to worry about choosing a package. This is pretty exciting because every single member is now connected and ready to do keyword research immediately upon joining WA.

For those of you who have been with WA prior to this release you can connect your Pro or Enterprise accounts at anytime, or upgrade from a FREE to LITE account (if you are Premium at WA). Clicking on the "Upgrade Options" button at the bottom of the new Jaaxy menu here inside WA will take you to the connection page.

Here's the link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jaaxy

The Sunset of a Good Old Friend (The WA Keyword Tool)

In the past week we removed the link to the "WA Keyword Tool" from the main menu. We let everyone know about this in my last blog post but I wanted to bring it up again that the tool is now something we are completely phasing out as all of the functionality, plus a lot more is available in Jaaxy.

There have been a few folks mention that they have keyword lists saved in the WA keyword tool, so we've kept the link LIVE so that anyone who needs to gather their KW lists can do so in the coming weeks.

We suggest that you copy these keywords as we will only be keeping this link available for a few more weeks.


We are truly just getting started with the integration of Jaaxy into WA and we cannot wait to release the next set of updates that we're already working on.

2018 is absolutely going to be the year of our biggest advances yet at Wealthy Affiliate. I do not like to to foreshadow too much, but you can expect to be blown away in the coming months as we prepare for one of our biggest releases ever...

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Recent Comments


Thank you, Carson. I am intrigued by the upcoming changes.
I just want to make sure that I understood this right: when a new member upgrades to Premium, his/her Jaaxy account needs to be manually upgraded from FREE to LITE. It doesn't happen automatically - at least, not yet, does it?

I am just anticipating some questions from newcomers and want to be prepared...

Thank you for all your hard work on making this platform better and better,

~ Julia

Hey Julia,

When any member upgrades from Starter to Premium, their Free Jaaxy account is automatically upgraded to LITE! If you hear of anyone's accounts not updating to LITE then let me know because that's how it is programmed to work when upgrading ;)


Oh, okay. That's awesome! Thank you for clarifying.

~ Julia

Awesome update but what has me geeking out even more is the last paragraph

"2018 is absolutely going to be the year of our biggest advances yet at Wealthy Affiliate. I do not like to to foreshadow too much, but you can expect to be blown away in the coming months as we prepare for one of our biggest releases ever..."

Cant wait for these updates.

Lots in the works Minhaj - some HUGE projects!!

Big big thanks Carson!!

This is such great news! It's so good that Jaaxy is fully integrated with WA now. It's a great improvement that Jaaxy is connected with SiteContent, we can work so much more efficiently. I'm immensely grateful for your neverending efforts making WA even better and better.

Can't wait for the next awwwesome release you are planning to do. Makes me incredibly curious!

:-) Pernilla

Carson, wow this update is so not expected.

It is more seamless and easier to use WA and jaaxy in future. And I can start to write article straightaway when quality keywords are selected for my niche.

It would certainly brings effectiveness in expounding keywords require for the niche we built.

Thanks again Carson.


Carson thank you for bringing it home with the updates on Jaaxy.
Such a cool tool. I am using it almost daily, and find that this system is very easy to use and effective.

You and Kyle really deserves more than a hand shake!

It's time for a Celebration!



Awesome! Love that Jaaxy is easier to use inside WA. It’ll be great for work flow.

Do you think some people might get confusednby the “Keyword Lists” that are currently on the WA sidebar navigation? I think they might build a list in Jaaxy then try to access their list through that link!

Yes, that is definitely going to be phased out as well when we move to the next UX. ;)


I love using Jaaxy even thou I’m still learning . Wealthy affiliate layout out everything in details step by step. This is the best put together website I ever used. Thanks, Kyle and your team for putting all these tools together for us. I'm very pleased. I'm so excited to be apart of this growing affiliate business. I'm new to this website but I have big goals and I'm looking forward an achieving them.

All the best
You and your family looking great.

What a nice integrated new Jaxxy look! This makes it even more helpful after searching for keywords as it directs to writing a post or creating a draft to use for later! Well done!

Thanks so much for the update Carson! Can't wait for the next upcoming biggest advances here at WA! Best platform ever!


Thank you Carson!

Earlier this week I copied and pasted a set of keyword phrases into several blank new Site Content articles. That did not take long to do, but now the process will be as quick and easy as a click of a mouse. Very nice.

David Hurley

Awesome! I have not fully learned to use all the features in Jaaxy, especially the affiliate program feature. However, I love using Jaaxy even with the little knowledge that I have learned about it. I know I will learn to use its full function soon.

I thank you and Kyle for making all the improvements and making this possible for all of us...looking forward to my continued journey with the WA family....

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