Something I Need To Keep In Front of Me

Last Update: June 03, 2016

It seems like I am busy all the time but I must keep reminding myself -- did what I do today just keep me busy or was it an essential step towards my goals. I am new here at WA and still trying to get into a pattern of things to do daily. One thing I know -- the email notifications are overwhelming! LOL

Happy, happy, happy to be able to be a part of this --

Have a super fantastic day!! Carol

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NWTDennis Premium
Inbox overload confronts all of us at one time or another, and the time management solution is hard to implement for some. It's a matter of having a clear image of why we are here, and from this post I think you are ahead of the class in some respects.

While it might be unanimous that most of us come here with the notion of learning a financially productive skill set, once inside it can become difficult to maintain the focus required to do so. The learning curve is very steep and not without some frustrations often caused by jsut being overwhelmed.

You might say that those who loose their focus do so because they don't do as you suggest above every single day. Resorting to the never ending sifting and sorting of the WA Inbox can provide a false sense of being productive.

At the EOD the time management solution lies in modifying ones account settings to reduce the Inbox volume. Just saying.
KatieMac Premium
Great quote and we can so easily be distracted we need to remember where we are going with things. enjoyed your post
AlexEvans Premium
Well said Carol, this place grows on you.
JudeP Premium
Lovely graphic Carol, thanks for sharing it :)
SueHemsley Premium
Hi Carol yes, my inbox is overflowing too but it's fantastic to learn so much. Really like the quote and I need to keep that front of mind as my research tends to get me wandering. Love that saying, wandering, not lost. All the best. Sue
Kroher23 Premium
Love to hear people in the WA community doing so well. Continue your success!
Loes Premium
Thank you, have a great day yourself too, I know about the overwhelming email you get, it gets easier when you empty your inbox every night and delete the emails you didn't have time for and start fresh in the morning.
Funkydunc208 Premium
If the email notifications are doing your head in, you can go to your account settings and select the ones you really want to see daily.
I did that very early on. Helps a lot.