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Just a small reminder that plans do not always come together like you want and a little slip-up can change courses big time! I am not back full time, I am getting reaquainted with everything and setting up new things!
Someone made a lot of money on this movie.... I, personally, have not seen it because I cannot watch movies like this but there was a whole bunch of folks that loved it.Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we need to keep this concept in our daily lives -- even when those around us think our plans and ideas are absurd there are a whole bunch of people out there that don't. They will love what you and I are doing -- you will come into their lives and they will like what you have to say. These people will
June 04, 2016
It is absolutely starting out as a fantastic day! No recruits or joins but I have 9 clicks and it is a work in progress. It is not traffic from Google but from posting in a couple of work from home groups on Facebook -- it is more interest than anything else I have been doing. I am heading out of town for most of the day and I will be counting the time until I can get home -- LOL Have a super fantastic day -- Carol
It seems like I am busy all the time but I must keep reminding myself -- did what I do today just keep me busy or was it an essential step towards my goals. I am new here at WA and still trying to get into a pattern of things to do daily. One thing I know -- the email notifications are overwhelming! LOLHappy, happy, happy to be able to be a part of this -- Have a super fantastic day!! Carol